Trophy troubles

I’m not a Sony fangirl, but I love the Playstation 3. Ever since I first heard whispers of it’s creation I’ve been excited. I got a PS2 pretty late in its existence as a gift from my Dad and I loved it. He’d bought me my first Playstation not long after their release and I loved that too. So surely the PS3 would be more of the same awesome with the added bonus of phenomenal graphics. As I watched closely on the development of this magical console I became more and more excited.

Sure enough, about a month after the PS3’s release I had mustered enough of my wages together to be able to buy this wondrous machine. One traded in PS2 and a lot of staff discount later I hopped, skipped and jumped my way home with this new wonder machine.

For me, it really was.

I had picked up Resistance to play and I happily waxed my way through that within a couple of days. Even on my big chunky TV, the graphics were amazing. I patiently waited for exclusive releases. I stuck by my console knowing that any game released on the 360, looked and played miles better on the PS3 version. Still, I ended up buying most multi-platform releases on my 360, to improve my gamerscore. Then, along came trophies. I was excited.

Like a bolt out of the blue, it hit me. I found out that the games I had completed on my PS3 would not unlock any trophies when the capability for that game was enabled. I’d have to play the game through again. I can’t even get you started on how gutted I was. I had always (perhaps naively) hoped that when trophies were made for the games I had done and dusted that they would all just automatically get credited to me, but no. I felt as though my many hours of gameplay had been wasted.

Now, my 360 gamerscore is meek. If you look to the right of the page you can clearly see my name is in the bottom 5. So for some reason, I feel compelled to ensure that my PS3 trophy cabinet is well stocked. So, instead of letting myself get to upset about this, I’m going to wait for the trophies on my existing catalogue to be released, then I will be re-playing.

Woe and misery, my 360 Gamerscore!

The bad side to this is I’m now refusing to play on my PS3 because none of my games have trophies ready yet. I just don’t want to go out and buy new games for my PS3 until these ones are done! So I’m staring at my copy of Unreal Tournament, I’m longing to buy Bioshock PS3 and I have a promo copy of Brothers in Arms I won’t touch. My eyes keep flitting, longingly over to my catalogue of PS3 games.

I must have the best trophy cabinet!

Please Sony, hurry up and sort the trophy cabinet for my games, I’ve got a lot of ground to re-cover!

Here’s to the future, and a well stocked trophy cabinet!







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  1. Tony avatar

    Unfortunately, the ease of copying and backing up your saves on the PS3 is the reason you can’t have retroactive trophies, otherwise we’d all be downloading 100% saves for each game and getting all the trophies, which would make them utterly pointless.

    I’ve got trophies on Wipeout HD, Warhawk, Buzz Quiz TV and Pixeljunk Eden so far. I still have Uncharted: Drakes Fortune which now has trophies, may replay that if I hit a gaming lull, as I really enjoyed it. Far Cry 2 (and all future Ubisoft releases) will have trophies. And LittleBigPlanet, of course.

  2. Donna avatar

    I don’t understand why you would hold off playing a game just because of the gamerscore or trophies. Sure one buys the game to play the game, not for potential scores from the game. I know some are really into the scores, but I don’t understand why someone would play a game jsut for the score or hold off playing one for the score.

  3. Alex avatar

    Ah see, I’ve already completed my stack of games (hence the annoyance 🙁 ) so I feel a bit loathed to play them again now if I’m just going to have to play them through again to get the trophies when they’re enabled. What if I get bored of it on the second play through? Then I’ll never get them!
    Tony, how are the achievements on Warhawk? I downloaded it when it was released and played it for ages but I am completely useless at it! =D I might pick up Drakes fortune, I’d not heard anything good about it until now so I think I’ll trust your word! 🙂

  4. Tony avatar

    Warhawk has some good trophies, some of which are very easy to get. Do the tutorials, for example. Also there’s one for shooting down a Warhawk with a tank, which is suprisingly easy when they’re hovering. Some of them will take hours of play, like get to rank x, though!

    Drakes Fortune was pretty good, it’s part Tomb Raider, part-shooter. I think it can be had online for £15 now and for that price it’s a bargain.

  5. Skill avatar

    Mebbe the answer would be to work on your 360 ‘chieves until your trophies are up and running?

    With all the gamers on this site, you could boost you GamerScore a ton in no time!
    Co-op, easy ‘chieves, advice on sticking points or which ‘chieves to go after first.
    These guys have it all.

    But really the important thing is just to have fun playing. No virtual reward is worth not having fun for.

    Well, unless you’re trying to beat a rivals score obviously. 😀

  6. Eleanor avatar

    Drakes Fortune was a nice little game, it’s pretty engrossing while you play. Sadly it has merged with other similar games in my memory since then, I would be hard pushed to tell you the story. Certianly worth £15.

  7. Alex avatar

    Ohh only £15? Looks like I might be getting my trophy collection started then! =D Especially if that’s now two of you vouching for it 🙂
    I really should try and boost my 360 gamerscore, it just seems like such a long way to go to get it looking a bit healthier!

  8. Tony avatar

    Good news, everybody! GTA IV gets trophies tomorrow.

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