Wii are not the cheapest, but should Wii worry?

I’ve never been one of those people who starts thinking about Christmas shopping early on in the year. I’m probably not even gonna think about starting until at least December is upon us and then I’ll zoom around for a few weeks like a complete nutter, breaking the bank (assuming they are still standing this year), not stopping for a second til the shop doors are locked at 4pm on Christmas Eve. It’s not the most sensible way of doing things I know, but it’s the most fun, the shops filled with crazy people and annoying Christmas jingles are just as meaningful and enjoyable to me as waking the kids up at 4:00 am cause Santa’s been or stuffing your face full of roasty goodness and booze.

If you’re a multi million pound sales industry (or my mother) I bet Christmas is planned for from the first day back at work after the new year. What’s needed to sell even more of a product next Christmas will no doubt be discussed and re-discussed frequently whether basking in a warm glow of triumph over rival competitors or quivering with defeat by the very product that outsold your own.

Console Christmas plans this year *

360 – I’m gonna settle down this year, spend a bit of time with the family getting myself a brand new image but I’ll still be me, honest.

PS3 – I’m not giving anything away yet. I want it to be a surprise, I’m a console and a Blu Ray player anyway what more do you want?

Wii- I’m thinking of doing the same as the last year, staying put, the family will all come to me cause they know I’m easy going and fun.

With the 360 doing its very best to appeal to the casual market, not least with the very acceptable drop in prices recently, can it really ever hope to snag any potential Wii purchasers? Can any amount of downloadable films, cartoon avatars or price cuts compete with the well known capability of the Wii to entertain the whole family? With the PS3 still pretty wallet-emptying compared to the Wii and 360, has it got any yummy offers or price cuts up its sleeve for us this year to ensure more sales? Sony have got the release of the shiny and curvier new PSP-3000 to tempt us but with the DSi also hitting the shelves soon with its camera and free downloadable games it looks like Nintendo are in for a very Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho!

* Not actual console opinions, they’re not alive y’know!







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  1. Tony avatar

    It’s funny to see you giving consoles personalities. I’d imagine the 360 would be a bit like Woody Allen, neurotic, always on the edge of a breakdown.

  2. Julius avatar

    If only we could find more interesting blogs like this. thank you for this

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