Zubo (Juniors)

Meet the Zubos, the cute and colourful little inhabitants of the world of Zubalon, a happy bunch of over 55 unique characters, but all is not well in the 10 lands of Zubalon, the evil Zombos are up to no good and the Zubos need your help! As you make your way through Zubalon you’ll meet plenty of new Zubos who you’ll assist in various tasks not least with the battling of nasty Zombos through the power and rhythm of upbeat, funky music. Once you have assembled your squad of your favourite Zubos you can challenge your friends over the Wi-Fi connection, with so many characters each with their own personality who knows what could happen!

Name: Lesha

Age: 9

What did you like about Zubo?

Lesha: It is a really cool game, first you find a Zubo then you help it to fight. You have to touch the screen in time with the music to get the best moves that take off the most life points from the Zombo, that’s what the bad guys are called. I like finding new Zubos they all have different outfits and different moves.

Lesha: Who was your favourite character?

Well the first Zubo you meet is Pinky and she’s got a mega costume. Robo was cool he’s a robot Zubo he had a shield, and I liked Rising Dragon, he turns into a sumo wrestler.

What was the best bit about the game?

Lesha: The fighting was good the moves are excellent you don’t have to press any buttons you tap the screen

What was the worst bit about the game?

Lesha: There were actually no bad bits

How much fun was this game?

Lesha: Millions!

Parents Comments: Lesha enjoyed Zubo immensely, it was seriously hard work trying to get her to put it down. I’ve never seen her so engrossed in a game before, she figured out the gameplay almost straight away with very little help from me and didn’t get frustrated with it once.








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  1. Luke avatar

    Brilliant review, you got someone from the target audience to review the game rather than some snobby elite gamer who would never play something like this.

    Good job.

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