Resident Evil 5 Screens (Look Awesome)

It just dawned on me how awesome Resident Evil 4 was, did you play it? No? Then go play it now… Ok, you played it? Good, awesome wasn’t it? Yeah, I know. Stranger.

Well Capcom just released some new screens of Resi5 due out March next year (on Friday 13th!). I downloaded them all and found myself suddenly yearning to play it. This game is now officially ‘on my radar’. You want to see them screens? Oh, ok then.

Did you hear that your shirt will realistically ‘breathe’ in RE5? That sounds pretty scary to me.

I hope they have kept that creepy shop keeper from RE4.

Well that’s all I have to say, roll on March ’09!







5 responses to “Resident Evil 5 Screens (Look Awesome)”

  1. Ben avatar

    I read today that they are scrapping the whole ‘Typewriter save system’ in favour of a chapter and checkpoint system.

    Screens look great, and having not played a Resi game since…well Resident Evil 1, I think it’s about time I made up for lost ground.

  2. Martin avatar

    I have always been watching this game and it looks freaking awesome. Mind you I could just make the whole thing in Little Big Planet and skip the wait!
    Did you know that the Gamecube remake of the first Resi is getting remade for the Wii? Alas so far it’s only confirmed for Japan, but with Wii controls it could be more awesome than it already is (if that’s possible).

  3. TequilaClint avatar

    Also Capcom was going to remake Biohazard 2, using the same gamplay as BH 4…
    But it turned into BH:UC!! Damn!

  4. Michael avatar

    That merchant was NOT creepy… I think there was actually a bunch of those guys, some infected by Las Plagas and some just human. Now that is creepy!

    Looks like you’ll still have to assist the girl, like Ashley in the last game…

  5. Donna avatar

    I’m such a sucker for the Res Evil games. RE4 was full of win too. RE5 should be good if they keep up like they’re going with the last couple.

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