Mr Bean (Juniors)

He’s one of the most loved comedy characters of all time and although the hit series starring Rowan Atkinson is no more, the animated version of Mr Bean is extremely popular with the kids of today and stays true to the original series. So what could possibly set the bumbling and gentle Mr Bean off on an adventure filled with peril? The one thing Mr Bean cares about more than anything – his beloved Teddy.  There are 12 levels to search through, a couple of mini games thrown in and Mr Beans girlfriend along for the ride as a playable character to help rescue Teddy from his kidnappers.

Name: Ryan

Age: 7

What did you like about Mr Bean?

Ryan: Love the spikes in the 2nd level, pushing boxes and jumping off them

Did you have a favourite character?

Ryan: Mr Bean, I like his stubble.

What was the best bit about the game?

Ryan: The Jigsaw mini games.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Ryan: Finding the keys for the chests

How much fun was this game?

Ryan: Mega Fun!!!!

Parent’s Comments: For such a simple game its really easy to pick up and put down whenever you feel like some light hearted fun. It doesn’t really take advantage of what the DS has to offer and could probably have been made for the gameboy advance but in saying that there was some debate as to who was getting the next shot.








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  1. ryan avatar

    this looks a very crap game

  2. sophia louise m. timbreza avatar
    sophia louise m. timbreza

    how to jump?

  3. sophia louise m. timbreza avatar
    sophia louise m. timbreza

    this is so beautiful game i think

  4. dardan avatar

    l vont this game

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