Lock’s Quest (Juniors)

Players assume the role of the young hero Lock,  who uses his skills to build defensive structures to keep out the evil Clockworks an army of soldiers thought long dead. By using different materials such as stone, metal, or wood to build walls and adding quicksand traps and goo cannons, Lock can keep the invaders at bay and away from the villages precious Source Well. The army can be fought head on with special attacks  but their sheer numbers could overwhelm and break down Lock’s defenses if he doesn’t maintain them.

Name: Jamie

Age: 9

What did you like about Lock’s Quest?

Jamie: I liked building the walls and using turrets to destroy the bad guys. I didn’t like fighting them myself they were too hard.

Did you have a favourite character?

Jamie: Lock was good he’s cheeky and he’s good at building walls.

What was the best bit about the game?

Jamie: Building the walls.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Jamie: The worst bit was all the reading.

How much fun was this game?

Jamie: A little bit fun.

Parent’s Comments: I’m in two minds about this game, while I like it when Jamie plays something that get’s him thinking and planning ahead I also want him to be able to chill out and enjoy himself. There’s alot of tutorial to read at the start which may be off putting to kids Jamie’s age.







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