Shiny, Pretty Things

What is it about the colour of popular consoles, is it that big of a deal? The Elite came with a bigger hard drive which is great of course but even better it was a different colour – black, all dark and sexy. Effortlessly showing off to friends and nosy passers by who peer in through the window, saying “Hey look my 360’s better than yours”!

The PSP’s pink version was a great release, aimed at the ladies, a vibrant, in your face message to the females that didn’t already realise, that gaming could be for them too! It was a nightmare trying to get one for my daughter for Christmas last year. I had to settle for a white one which was slightly more girly and distinguished her PSP from the black one her brother had.

Anyone in this country can go out and buy an Elite, or a Pink PSP. What about those lucky Japanese gamers who recently got the opportunity to purchase a limited edition red PS2? I’m sorry, it’s not just any old boring red, I mean “The Cinnabar Red PS2.” Oh yes! In console years it’s ancient and would probably rather it’s age not be common knowledge but there’s still plenty of life left in the PS2. If we in the UK wanted to fuss around ordering from overseas and all the rest of it or paying extortionate amounts in this country to some 16 year old spoilt brat who lives 200 miles away we too could own one of these rare beauties. There are in fact some Asian sites that actually will not ship this product to any countries in the European Economic Area!

But there’s something even more desirable than console that’s super hard to get hold of and that’s one that you can never get hold of. No, us mere peasants can’t have this one!

Only the luckiest Club Nintendo members in Japan will recieve one of these high maintenance (well, they are high maintenance when you take into account how often you’re going to be polishing the thing), metallic Premium DS Lite’s. There are only 1,000 Premium Silver, 1,000 Premium Black, and 1,000 Premium Rose systems and they are not for sale, they are only winnable by Club Nintendo member’s who can provide serial numbers from two DS games purchased since 2006. If your a huge hardcore DS fanperson or a serious limited edition console collector, you’ll probably seek out a way of getting your fingerprints all over one of these babies. Just don’t expect to pay anything less than top dollar for the sheer pleasure and satisfaction you’ll get from owning one!







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  1. John avatar

    360 Elite (Mmmm Black and sleek…) I have one now. The colour wasn’t important at all. Did I mention it’s Black and Sleek?!

    Seriously though, I wonder how much revenue is generated in the industry through these special editions which folk’d buy, not because they want the unit, but because it’s “special”?

  2. Michael avatar

    Oh, some people go mental for limited edition stuff – remember the Halo edition of the Xbox 360? You know, the eye-bleedingly ugly green one? And the mother-of-pearl one the South Korean president got off Bill Gates? Yeah, quit trying to be all pally with heads of state eh? You bloody scab…

    I’m not bothered with that stuff – as long as the controllers match the machine, I’m a happy man. Otherwise it’s just WEIRD…

  3. Donna avatar

    WANT!! I love my silver DS Lite, but a metallic red one would be ultra kool.

  4. Tony avatar

    360 Elite black and sleek?

    I’ll give you black but there’s nothing sleek about any of the 360s in all existence.

  5. Ben avatar

    I loved my lime green Gameboy Color, that was great.

    That Red PS2 is simply “phwoarrr” with a touch of “schwinggggg” thrown in.

  6. Martin avatar

    I’ve never done it myself but surely the ultimate in consoles/handheld are ones you do yourself. I consider myself to be quite artistic and would love to make a one of a kind design. I spray painted personal stereos in my teens.

  7. Razgate avatar

    Hey! Retro Boy G has one of those PS2s, maybe you should ask him for it Laura, you could use the sympathy card seeing as you’re grieving the loss of your beloved XBOX 360. LOL
    I don’t have any special edition consoles, i was thinking of getting the crisis core PSP but didn’t want to pay that much for a console i wouldn’t even use.
    OH! tell a lie!! i have a white Gamecube that’s unopened and came with mario smash football, it was £40 from ARGOS.

  8. Scott avatar

    Does anybody here remember the Panasonic Q?

    I came so close to owning one back when I imported my first GameCube (NTSC-J console with the USA switch). I would have had to put down another £100, and I really wasn’t in the best financial position at the time. I wish I’d gotten it; that thing looked like it was from the future!

  9. Razgate avatar

    Ahhh the Panasonic Q, how that beast mocked me from within a little glass cabinet every day when i was in Hong Kong, the worst part of it was that when i was on holiday in HK the Gamecube had just been released in the UK, but oh what joy when i returned to a brand new black Gamecube and a copy of Luigi’s mansion. i still love that game.

  10. Skill avatar

    That metallic rose DS is just gorgeous.

    I only went the special edition route once, with a Crystal original Xbox. My first Xbox was still working but had gotten old and really slow.
    I wouldn’t have replaced it if I hadn’t liked the look of the crystal one so much tho.
    Am I shallow?

    Never mind, stupid question.

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