Story of the Underworld

The reason for Tomb Raider’s enduring popularity go well beyond a brilliant character and exquisite controls. What really fires the imagination are the brilliant storylines and dramatic backdrops. The sense of exploring the ancient tombs and ruins of the world fulfills a deep-seated desire in our lives to see the unseen, to find the hidden corners.

Tomb Raider Underword will continue the tale based on the real myths and legends in the world and give us virtual access to some of the most wondrous locations. The team sent us this video about their efforts to depict some of the most fabulous ancient tales ever told.









9 responses to “Story of the Underworld”

  1. Lorna avatar

    F**k. I want this so much. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the mythology behind it and Mayan architecture and locations are beautifully represented from this brief glimpse. *Speechless* I’ve never queued for a game in my life but if this gets a midnight launch in Glasgow, I’ll be there shivering.

    Thanks so much to Kirsten for posting this and for the team to send it over to get drooled on 😀

  2. Ben avatar

    I’ve not played a Tomb Raider game since the first one back on my P1 133Mhz PC many years ago. This will probably change that.

    Looks great, here’s hoping the gameplay lives up to it!

  3. Simes avatar

    I hope it’s less buggy than Anniversary because OH MY GOD THAT STUPID PILLAR.

    Looks nice, though.

  4. City avatar

    As I have done with all the other Tomb Raiders, I will be getting on release day. Even after the dissapointing AoD the series has kept strong and I have to say im looking forward to this one more than any of the previous ones.

  5. Kirsten avatar

    Yeah they always come out on my birthday so i usually get it as a present which is nice.

  6. Michael avatar

    I’ve played all of them except for The Last Revelation, Chronicles and Anniversary… which I meant to get but, erm, didn’t.

    Is it really only the 8th game? Wow…

  7. Razgate avatar

    The last Tomb Raider i played was the first one, I liked it for about an hour and then it just got tedious. <–not too sure if that’s the proper spelling. 😀

  8. Martin avatar

    I think I’m gonna ask for this as a Christmas preesie and try to re-live Christmas 1996 when I was blown away by the first Tomb Raider. It looks fab.

  9. Skill avatar

    I want, I want, I want, I want.

    Now all I gotta do is finish Anniversary before it comes out.
    Oh, and Oblivion before Fallout 3 arrives. And err, Lost Odyssey before Fable 2!

    Oh dear.

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