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Say hello to the future, the future of gaming. Today’s kids are going to be designing and developing the next, next, next gen of games so we want to make sure they know what they’re doing right? Even if that means sharing our consoles and PC’s with them while they play something that wouldn’t interest us in the slightest.

We “grown ups” know what we enjoy in a game and it varies a great deal from person to person. Some people focus on aesthetics and graphics, for some it’s story and characters that are the draw whilst others go for action packed titles or long length re-playable types. But kids, well all they care about is how much fun the game is. If there are elements such as bright colours, funny noises or silly, cute creatures to mess about with, chances are kids are going to love it. And probably some adults will too!

The Ready Up Juniors are a small group of whippersnappers ranging in age from 6 to 9 years old and when it comes to kids’ games they know what they’re talking about. If they think a game is brilliant you’re gonna know about it, if they think a game is rubbish you’re definitely gonna know about it. They are so lucky, imagine being a kid their age and getting a Wii for Christmas, look at the quality of the handheld portables they get to play with! When we were their age we could only dream of playing such things. They are growing up in an already awesome gaming generation that’s only going to get better and better!

The Juniors’ first three reviews..

The Juniors have been very busy reviewing a few games for us this week, it’s a hard life, innit? ;). Their simple, honest opinions are the ones that really matter when it comes to the games that are targeted at them. Whilst parents may choose games for educational aspects or good value for money, that doesn’t mean a youngster is going to enjoy them and let’s face it with the ridiculously rainy summer holidays they’ve just had, they could do with some real playtime!








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  1. Tony avatar

    I had a handheld gaming device when I was a kid. It wad called a cup and ball set. They don’t make games that like that anymore – the graphics weren’t much but the physics engine was awesome.

  2. Chris avatar

    Lol nice one Tony.

    My one year old daughter has already grasped the use of the sticks on my 360 controller, and not-so-cleverly manages to switch off my laptop whenever she gets near it :S

    We’re firm believers in educational toys and games, and we encourage her with interactive play things. We’ll probably encourage her with some simple Wii games, and then onto the 360 for Gears of War…

    Actually if she takes after her mum, she’ll be beating me at Splinter Cell as well *hangs head in shame*

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