WALL-E (Juniors)

Disney Pixar’s hugely successful WALL-E movie comes to, well, everything, even your mobile! You take control of the loveable WALL-E and his friend EVE in an action packed adventure to save all humans from a life of complete laziness.

An action packed adventure into the future of Earth where robots and computers do everything and I mean everything for the humans who were forced to leave the Earth hundreds of years previously to live in space. With 9 worlds to explore, interactive environments and plenty of hidden items to discover, the story of the lonely little robot left behind on Earth is one that’ll bring a tear to your eye whether you admit it or not.

Here’s what one of our Ready Up Juniors had to say about it.

Name : Jamie

Age: 9

What did you like about WALL-E?

Jamie: I liked zooming around and jumping

Who was your favorite character?

Jamie: Wall-e, cause robots are cool and he says funny things

What was the best bit about the game?

Jamie: Throwing trash cubes at the other robots and making them explode

What was the worst bit about the game?

Jamie: The Eve levels they were hard

How much fun was this game?

Jamie: Mega fun!!!!!

Parents Comments: A good rainy day game, lots to do and pretty good looking. A bit tricky in parts but nothing too impossible to overcome and the co-op mode helps to avoid any arguments.







2 responses to “WALL-E (Juniors)”

  1. Kirsten avatar

    I found the game brilliant fun but it caused me some of the worst motion sickness I’ve ever experienced with a game. Those sensitive to cameras swinging around all over the place mind want to avoid this game.

  2. Van-Fu avatar

    I am embarrassed to confess that I found that game a fair challenge to get 1000/1000. Having to do levels without dying was just evil. But fun.

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