Save the Clock tower!

I’ve been looking over my release list of games coming out between now and the end of the year, suffice to say I’m quite impressed, actually no, I’m extremely impressed. I’d go as far as to say that I couldn’t be happier than if I was the happy man living in happy land on gumdrop lane. Yes, the line up is that good.

This is when I figure having a car with upward opening doors, a dog named after a deceased scientist and of course, a flux capacitor would come in handy.

I’ve recently moved house and with it I ran the risk of getting involved in the “weird neighbour lottery” of which it seems I must have acquired five numbers plus the bonus ball. Let’s just say my new neighbour spends most of his time in Hawaiian t-shirts and looks like the spitting image of the Doc from back to the future fame. Sadly I get the feeling he’s just a bit of a strange case and not one of my favourite movie characters ever – life can be so tormenting sometimes.

So yes, a time travel device would definitely be handy in these coming months, so let’s start at the beginning.

September the 5th is where the epic journey begins, and it’s a triple hitter with no less than both Mercenaries 2 and Viva Piñata 2 releasing on the same day, oh and did I mention Spore is being released on this fine day too? By the power of maths, or rather my PC’s calendar I’ve worked out that it’s only two weeks away. Two weeks until three of my most wanted games of the year are released. It’s like buses, you wait ages for one, and then three turn up all at once. What a gaming fuelled day it’s going to be, yet only one question remains, which to play first?

Spore - Let\'s make Darwin proud!

Thankfully we then have a bit of a breathing space, or at least until the 18th of September, which is when the MMO fans amongst us get to sink our teeth into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, which will surely do nothing for time management, especially when you take into account on September 19th another title is released.

Yes, the 19th sees the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a demo of which is available today by the way. So just two weeks on from the opening day of the season if you will, I have a weekend planned in a fantasy world as a beer swigging Dwarf, followed by the next day surrounded by midichloreans recklessly throwing Stormtroopers to the death with just a wave of my hand.

So September passes me by, and I predict by now my hair to have grown an extra few inches, my Cherry Coke intake to have doubled and to be living off a diet of Space Invaders and Wham bars.

The thing is, it keeps getting better and better!

Fable II

October rolls around and first up is the magical date of October 24th. Probably one of the most anticipated games of the year, yes Fable 2 will be hitting shelves and door mats across the land. I predict a couple of marathon sessions of Fable 2, as just around the corner is Little Big Planet, releasing on October 29th. Within a space of a week, two of the biggest names of this year will be out and with it my gaming intake for Q4 of the year will surely explode, especially when you take into account that just a few days later on October 31st, Fallout 3 arrives.

Halloween sees the end of October and with it a week of fantastic games will be released. So, anyone planning a trick or treat at my house, don’t bother, as all you’ll hear is sword on sword, magic clashing against foe and laughter at the expense of friends as I create a plethora of death levels and shocks of horror on a post apocalyptic world.

I would find it easy to just call it a day here and now, if the year was to end on a random whim then I would be happy, but no, it seems November is just as blessing.

Fallout 3

We get reacquainted with Dom and friends on November 7th for some chainsaw duelling action, the same day as Valve’s Left For Dead, which, although may prove costly on Valve’s part is just another huge bonus for us.

Fast forward to the 14th and it’s time to visit an old friend or two. Banjo-Kazooie return and may I be the first to say welcome back! The last time I took you for a spin it was many years ago and on another old friend, the N64, it’s going to be good fun getting to know you again old pal.

That’s it for November, and the rest of my list. Of course you have to figure in a World of Warcraft expansion in there somewhere, not to mention some hidden gems that nobody is counting on, of which I’m sure there’ll be a few.

Last year’s Q4 releases were very impressive and ones I didn’t think would be beaten, but so far so good, 2008 looks extremely pleasant on the eyes. So yes, if anyone happens to have a Flux capacitor lying around that would indeed be most helpful.

Life’s good, but this year, the gaming is loads better!







21 responses to “Save the Clock tower!”

  1. Kirsten avatar

    You missed Infinite Undiscovery. What am I going to do! You’ve filled me with panic. There’s not enough time… aaarrgh!

  2. Lorna avatar

    This year is chocka with games I want to buy…my credit cards are creaking at the mere thought!

  3. Tony avatar

    Is LittleBigPlanet really coming out on a Wednesday?

    I’m seriously considering taking its launch day off work but I had assumed it would be a Friday.

    Sounds like it’s lucky I don’t like RPGs and don’t play games on anything other than consoles, otherwise I’d not have enough hours in the day for all this lot… and work!

  4. Michael avatar

    Y’know, I was checking something the other day when I realised that last November was a pretty top one for games – Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed. I’ve never been one for keeping track of release lists but that was really strong. And I know that it’s a pre-Christmas thing but still… WOW! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am so glad I only have one of this generation’s consoles.

    Can you still get Wham bars? I probably couldn’t hack them anyway; I’ve gone right off sour sweets, like fizzy cola bottles… Honestly, you shoulda seen my face last time I tried one!

  5. Lorna avatar

    That’s heresy Michael! Fizzy cola bottles are mandatory ;D

  6. Skill avatar

    The only things better than fizzy cola bottles, are the really big, very sour, cherry cola bottles you get at the cinema. 🙂 mmm, cola bottles.

  7. Donna avatar

    I can’t wait for LBP. And I’m definitely picking up Spore for my DS.

    So many games, so little time.

    You can get non-sour cola bottles. I like those best.

  8. Michael avatar

    I know; time was I could consume them by the bag with nary a flinch/scrunched up face… not these days. Them and aniseed balls, I think.

    *eyes mist up with nostalgia*

  9. Ben avatar

    Just checked the Infinite Undiscovery release date (this one had completely slipped past me some how.)

    Sept 5th, so same day as Spore, Viva Pinata 2 and Mercenaries 2.

    That’s one beast of a day for gaming!

    On the subject of sweets and that, I use to supply all my gaming related munchies. Warning: Cut up credit cards before looking at that site!

  10. Tony avatar

    Just realised you also didn’t mention Resistance Fall of Man 2 and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, both out in November I think. They both look to be great new titles for Sony’s monolith.

  11. Lorna avatar

    That’s a great site Ben, I use it when I want a retro sugar rush 😀 And I’d forgotten about Spore…another one to add to my wants list.

  12. Ben avatar

    Noted Tony, but as I don’t have a PS3 currently most of my games are geared towards the 360 and PC.

    Granted LBP is on my list but for me it’s going to be what makes me buy a PS3.

    As for Resistance, not convinced on the 2nd outing yet, especially after the first was so poor. Motorstorm is something I do want though and hoping to pick up the first nice and cheap when my PS3 gets purchased, but if Pacific Rift is just around the corner, then that’s even better!

    One thing I have just noticed is that I’ve not mentioned any Wii games, dam you Nintendo, please go back to SNES routes, or at least make me a true Starfox sequel!

  13. Tony avatar

    Hmmm. Whereas the first Resistance Fall of Man was hardly earth-shatteringly brilliant, I wouldn’t have said it was “so poor”, I reckon the sequel will be at least a decent solid shooter like the first.

    (that said I won’t rush out and buy on day one as I’ll probably be playing LBP non-stop)

  14. Ben avatar

    I’m sure it’ll be a lot better than the first outing, the video from E3 looked quite good (the one with the huge monster.)

    I’m just not convinced it’ll stand up against some of the other games that are getting released around that time, Gears 2, Fallout 3 etc. Going to have to be something special to make me want to play it over them.

    Shows how good a lineup we’ve got this year though, being able to pass up good games is not something we get to do too often, happy times.

    Motorstorm looks ace though and has been something I’ve been craving for a while now, but couldn’t justify the PS3 cost for one driving game.

  15. Kirsten avatar

    See I have this shop – next to my house so I’m very lucky/going to die young. I ate a lb of cola bottles the other day.

  16. Lorna avatar

    Damn you Kirsten! That’s in Glasgow and only a short train ride away…Nooooo!

  17. Kirsten avatar

    You should come through and we’ll go on a sugar bender!

  18. Michael avatar

    Jesus, that place sounds great… but I have this place – – which is an awful temptation every time I go by.

    What, ordinary cola bottles? Yeah, they’re OK but 1lb?!

  19. Lorna avatar

    😀 Soooperb! Sugared up and disorderly, sounds good 😀

  20. Skill avatar

    Great games AND Cola bottles? You lead a charmed life. 🙂
    That shop looks soo sweet I can practically taste the sherbet lemons.

  21. Jamesbuc avatar

    You missed Warriors Orochi 2! 😮

    Okay maybe im the only one looking forward to that…

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