Back in Black!

On Tuesday I took a step towards fulfilling my gaming completist compulsions. Waiting for me when I got home was something that proves I married the best man on the face of the earth.

My very own 60GB Sony Playstation 3 now completes my console collection. I wasn’t really in a rush to get a PS3 since the next Final Fantasy game is going to be on the XBox 360 now and Little BIg Planet isn’t out until October. Then I got a newsletter from Game. I swear that company and their emails are going to be the death of my bank account. For on Saturday I got one such email from them about something else but there was a little banner at the bottom of the email for preowned 60GB PS3s. I nearly jumped out of my chair with delight.

Now anyone who knows anything about the saga of the EU PS3s will know that the 60GB ones are no longer being produced but are the most sought after. They boast all of the ports and abilities that are lacking on the other models. Basically they are the Golden Idol of PS3s and now I’ve beaten all the booby traps and I have one sitting in my livingroom.

I didn’t think I’d be so excited to have a Playstation 3 but I am. At the heart of my being I am a Sony fangirl and I can’t deny it. I bought my Xbox 360 for work purposes, but found I didn’t completely hate it in the end. Despite all the practical reasons for buying a PS3, like the backwards compatibility with Playstation 1 & 2 games, the BluRay DVD player and work, it really boils down to me wanting the shiny black gadget from Sony.

Now thanks to my loving and understanding husband, who thankfully bought this for me, I have a little family of gaming platforms. Once I have a PSP then the family will be complete, but that will have to wait.







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  1. Tony avatar

    Nice one, your husband.

    Agree with you about the benefits of the 60gb EU PS3, although I have to say I’ve never used more than 2 of the USB ports at once!

    I have used the backwards compatibility though, mainly to play Buzz: The Music Quiz, and not a lot else.

  2. Donna avatar

    I have a big library of PS2 games and there are a few RPGs that will be fun to play on my very large tv. PLus I need to finish up Final Fantasy 12.

  3. Colin avatar

    I got the PS3 when it came out and really like the backward compatibility thing because my boy likes playing the old PS2 games.

    My main concern was if there was a hardware failure, would I get it replaced with a crappy non-backward comatible one? Or, would they give me like for like? :S

  4. Tony avatar

    (WARNING: Fanboy comment ahead)

    Hardware failure, Colin? You’re confusing the PS3 with the Xbox 360 there, mate.

  5. Nick avatar

    I really want a PS3 for Naruto Ninja Storm. That looks SWEET.

  6. Scott Cameron avatar
    Scott Cameron

    After MGS4 and now LBP, I’m pretty tempted to put down the cash on a PS3, but I need the PS2 compatability. Not for lack of a PS2, but rather for the upscaling provided by the PS3 hardware.

    Looks like I’ll go the second-hand route as well, as I’ll be needing an NTSC machine for cheap Blu-Ray titles and my mostly-USA PS2 library. 😀

  7. City avatar

    I have the same goal, hopefully to be completed by April 2009 (realistic target but hopefully it’ll all be done by the end of Jan 09).

    Ive got psp. ps2, sega master II, and my pc
    Just need a Ps3, Xbox & Wii =)

    Nice to know im not alone in my little compulsions

  8. Donna avatar

    I’ve still got my PS2, GameCube, PS1 (US version), Sega Genesis /w CD (US Version) and a whole host of Gameboys.

    I can never bring myself to get rid of an old gaming devices. I jsut can’t do it. And I keep collecting more.

    You’re so not alone :o)

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