By Grabthar’s Hammer…*

My girlfriend once asked me how I could play so many games. I do have a lot of games, spread over a lot of consoles. And the truth is, I don’t really play a lot of them – I dip in and out, and then the next game comes along and I start on with that and so on and so forth.

I have recently had a bit of a game drought where, due to saving money for a trip to London (and what a good trip it was!) and general rubbish financial management I didn’t really buy any games for a while. So I plundered the back catalogue for something to play. A lot of my games are of the RPG or big-meaty-adventure types – all of which I have scratched the surface of but never really finished.


Ship of the desert? 

My eyes fell upon Rogue Galaxy, for the PS2, which is a superb adventure. I really got into it when it first came out, but then kind of fell out of love with it because there was one section I kept dying on. I’d play it, I’d die. I’d have to restart from a save point a bit further back than I wanted to. Repeat a bit. Get fed up. Another game comes along, play that instead. The reason Rogue Galaxy and myself had a trial separation was that I just couldn’t find the time to spend doing what you always need to do in a good RPG – dossing about levelling up. So I resolved that I would spend a couple of hours doing just that and see if I could get back into the game.

Yeah… according to the in-game clock that was something like 16 game hours ago…

So, I’m back into the game and I am really determined to finish it. I want to know what happens. I’ve invested time and a lot of in game-money on my characters and I want to know that everything is brilliant at the end. I want to know that everyone who should live happily ever after actually does live happily ever after, like the little sick boy in Zelda: Link To The Past who is happily chasing butterflies in the end credits (so please don’t spoil anything!). But more than that I want to do everything in the game…

If you’ve never played it, let me explain – this game is a completist’s nightmare. It’s an adventure game. You go hither and thither chasing down various bits and bobs to make it to the end. So far, so simple. Then you get to the weapons. The weapons increase in skill and then max out. That’s fun. Max them out and they have different elemental properties. So far so good. Oh, but then you get a purple frog who will, basically, lick a maxed out weapon and tell you what other weapon you can combine it with to make a better one.

This turns into a game of its own when you realise that you can combine a weapon several ways to make different things… but what do you do if you only have one of the type of weapon? In my case you hot-tail it across the galaxy to find a shop selling crappy strength swords just to see what would happen if you mixed it a different way. Throw in the fact that you can mix things in ways not recommended by the strange purple frog and you’re desperately maxing out (usually rubbish and cheap) weapons for your next fusion fix.

Add onto all that, a system that tracks your kills and awards you Hunter points for despatching a certain number of creatures, or even specific boss-type creatures, allowing you to move up (and, tragically, down) an in-game leaderboard and a Pokemon style insect-collect-and-battle section which I haven’t even touched yet and a factory where you can make different items out of the stuff you’ve collected along the way and a skills chart which develops as you place items in the approprate slots and you’ve got a game that’ll start to occupy the OCD part of your brain for some time to come.



But then along comes the next game, and it’ll fall by the wayside. That’s the thing… I have Hellboy to review for Ready-Up (remember kids, I play these games so you don’t have to!) which I don’t think will distract me from my goal too much but I’m up against it if I want to discover everything the game has to offer… I have less than two weeks before Too Human will hit the doormat and my time goes onto that one.

Wish me luck!

* There’s no prize if you guess the theme linking the title and content of this blog, but kudos if you did!







17 responses to “By Grabthar’s Hammer…*”

  1. Lorna avatar

    *In best Alan Rickman voice* What a saving 😉

    Nice one! I too have vowed to not splurge on any more games until I’ve completed more of my back catalogue. A view that would certainly please my credit card company anyway 😀

  2. Michael avatar

    Galaxy Quest. Maybe the best film Tim Allen’s ever been in.

    I still haven’t played the game… but I’ve dreamt of having something like that weapon customisation thing in a game, ever since the adventures of Monkey Boy Zidane. I’m not joking.

  3. Skill avatar

    If you had access to the Omega 13 you could go back and state that the Toy Story movies are clearly the best things Tim Allen’s ever been in.

    But you don’t, so I’ll do it for you.

    Michael Says:
    The Toy Story movies are clearly the best things Tim Allen has ever been in.
    “To Infinity…, and Beyond!!”

  4. Michael avatar

    Tch, fine! The best live-action film Tim Allen has ever been in; OK? Jeez…

  5. Kirsten avatar

    I let Rogue Galaxy go by the wayside too and I really regret it. I love the maxing out weapons and fusing them to new ones. It’s a bit of a Level 5 specialty that. They did it in the Dark Cloud games too.

    I strongly recommend you don’t dump this for Too Human which is getting the most awful scores.

    I’ve been playing Infinite Undiscovery. It’s out in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to starting over on my proper account and getting right into it.

  6. Skill avatar

    Oh, that’s it!

    I’m officially jealous. 🙁

  7. Michael avatar

    You should just get used to it, Skill.

  8. Nick avatar

    I ONLY buy games I really really want nowadays. I save money and I’m not playing games I half finish. The completionist in me is much better for it.

  9. Jake avatar

    I still want Too Human. I quite enjoyed the demo, so am trying my bestest to get this one finished but still enjoy it along the way. I have pencilled Star Ocean in as the next one to finish from the back catalogue – that’ll be a race with Infinite Undiscovery which I really want… and then Fallout 3… ah damn it, I’ll never catch up!

  10. Jamesbuc avatar

    Ohhh… Now I really want this game 🙂 Seen it many many times selling for £7.99 preowned down at the local gamestation. Mebbe I should pick it up.

    I had a go at Too Human and… err… It didnt feel all too special to be fairly honest.

  11. Michael avatar

    £7.99? EIGHT QUID?! I seen it for £20 in Game, or half price with another game… Twenty. Bloody. Pounds.

    What do you mean mebbe? There’s mo mebbe about it, James!

  12. Jake avatar

    Just remember I do sell games I’ve finished with on ebay… hehe. Seriously though James if you’ve seen this for 8 quid bloody well buy it. It’s awesome…

    And thanks to Kirsten for mentioning Dark Cloud – I gave my copy to my sister ages ago and one quick text this lunchtime will (hopefully) see it posted back to me so I can play it again. Happy days!

  13. Michael avatar

    I suppose you have Dark Chronicle too… God, I’m just years behind everyone! And, like she said, there’s Infinite Undiscovery too. Why did I have to like RPGs, eh?

  14. Jake avatar

    Yeah I still have Dark Chronicle… but Dark Cloud I gave to my sis to start her ps2 collection off, so I hope she can find it to send it me… not that I’d do anything if she couldn’t as she is v scary indeedly!

  15. Jamesbuc avatar

    I say only ‘Mebbe’ because right now im jobsearching and could do without the distraction 😛

  16. Jake avatar

    Nah, James, buy it anyway – although you’ll then want your next job to be Space Pirate!

  17. Jake avatar

    45 hours in and still loving it…. altho I have found a person who tells me my percentage completion of all the side-quest sections and I’m not doing half as well as I thought!

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