A playground of destruction!

Where your toys are along the lines of a cruise missile, some tanks, oh and let’s not forget the jolly old tactical nuclear bomb!

With the release of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames fast approaching my lust for explosions and lots of fire will soon be met, well – hopefully anyway!

Not sure that hair style does much for his camouflage

You see, I’m of the mind that blowing things up has a certain charm to it. Sure anyone with a lump of C4 can blow a hole in something, but it takes a special someone to blow that hole…in style. Or in this case, any of the buildings that are located within the game’s world, all of which are apparently destructible… there’s going to be a lot of rubble!

I quite enjoyed the first Merc game and with the promise of lots of new weapons, vehicles, not to mention improved graphics and the crème de la crème of it all… co-op, both online and offline I think it’s safe to say I’m quite looking forward to the second Merc game. After all, blowing things up is fine and dandy, but nothing beats blowing things up with a friendly companion at your side.

To me, I think the biggest thing to grab me so far is the “Three ways to play” system, you can be “tactical”, use your sneaky sneaky skills in “covert”, or blow the hell out of everything that moves in “overkill”. There is no right or wrong way about it, you get to play as you like when you like, so in the mood for some tactical espionage? Sure go ahead, plan your areas of attack and strike when the timing is just right. Not in the mood for any of that? Then plough in all guns blazing letting rip with enough bullets and explosives that chances are your target will catch a stray one.

Smoking is bad for your health you know?

One of my fondest memories of Mercenaries was running, or rather driving into an enemy stronghold, shooting a few people and driving off again – with the smug faces of my AI enemy clearly visible in my mind, which is of course until they realise I’ve just called in an air strike. The drone of fighter jets can be heard over the tree tops, an eerie silence occurs, and a series of loud explosions later their faces aren’t too smug now!

So, roll on Sept 5th when Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is released, World in flames? We’ll soon put that to the test!







5 responses to “A playground of destruction!”

  1. Tony avatar

    That last image is a bad influence.

    Forget the guns, tanks, planes and explosions – that character is SMOKING!

    Won’t someone think of the children?

  2. Alex avatar

    Ahh this does sound brilliant! I’m loving the thought of “overkill” I always have preferred playing a bit gung-ho ;D

  3. Shaz avatar

    Hmm.. free choice of going about things eh? Sounds good. 😀

  4. Laura avatar

    Ahhh I love a bit of destruction, and it’s so “in” right now!

  5. Martin avatar

    Ben, welcome in. Yeah the first Mercenaries was a good game, it had the focus that Just Cause lacked I feel….still I would rather see another Star Wars Battlefront!!! Then we would really be cooking.

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