Age of Reckoning?

…….Or is it?

Finally Warhammer have given the world a release date. I think that this could possibly be the most anticipated MMORPG since the release of World of Warcraft (WoW), hmmmm why would that be….? let…. me…. think…. oh yeah, that’s because it looks exactly the same.


How rude.

Sorry about that.

I know that the die hard amongst you will say that WoW is actually a copy of Warhammer but the problem that EA have is that Blizzard have practically pinched that IP from under their noses so is it too late for this release?

I have been playing WoW now for a little over two years. I moved over to it after playing City of Heroes for eighteen months. There was a world of a difference between these two games because WoW not only offered a more enriched playing experience during the levelling phase of the game but also opened up what was like a whole new game once the level cap had been reached.

In order for any MMORPG to compete it must offer rich environments and player experience with challenging end game content.

After the amount of time I have spent in WoW this is the first MMORPG that has tempted me. EA appealed to what is already a well sought after fantasy base and Warhammer definitely isn’t lacking in background stories and adventures. They haven’t pushed out the poor gamer by having requirements that blow most machines out the water… >cough< Conan.

With Realm vs Realm epic battles, public quests (yes…. quests where you need more than one person but don’t have to wait for an hour for a group), cities that evolve depending on how well your realm is performing and some excellent new ideas in guild development I think that Warhammer is not to be sniffed at.

The big question on everyone’s lips is…

‘Is this THE WoW killer?’







3 responses to “Age of Reckoning?”

  1. Zanveth avatar

    ‘Is this THE WoW killer?’

    People asked the same about Age of Conan, answer is the same – Not a chance.

    The die hard Warhammer fans will play it, and probably alot of bored WoW players too, but as soon as Wrath of the Lich King hits, say goodbye War and once again hello WoW 🙂

    I get the feeling (from observations and playing it) that Warhammer, while good has been severly rushed (just like AoC) and will get their core users but that’s about it. A few will no doubt migrate while the wait for WoW’s latest expansion shows up, but they’ll quickly jump back in a month or two.

    Also the fact it costs a bit more than WoW too, think it’s over 1GBP more I believe – not a lot sure, but still breaks the 10GBP a month mark.

  2. Pete avatar

    The reason WoW is so popular and will continue to be popular is it caters to all types of MMO Players, from casual to (lack of a better word) ‘hardcore’ players.

    The increasing amount to do in the game plus the ease of communication makes it increasingly popular.

    I used to play it, I admit it’s a good game to play. I left just after naxx was released, the guild I ran started to raid it. Reason I gave up was the 7 hours a day I was spending playing the game.

  3. Aerithscar avatar

    For me it will never be as popular as WoW for the simple fact it’s run by EA. EA give up support on game’s very fast, they also don’t agree with adding new content, they would realease it as a 20 quid expansion no doubt about it. Nearly every EA game has 2 patches maximum. It’s a shame because while they do make some decent game’s, I don’t want to have to pay for expansion’s as extra content when so many other companies (Including both Activison and Blizzard who are merging) do it for free or as part of the subscription.

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