Operation Immortality

As a lead up to our upcoming MMO feature we have some news on Tabula Rasa. More specifically some news on the games creator Richard Garriott. He has been in training for a small trip… into space! He is set to become Earth’s sixth private citizen to conduct a space mission aboard the International Space Station. Interestingly he will be following in the footsteps of his father, Owen Garriott (a former NASA astronaut), meaning that he will become America’s first ever “second generation” astronaut. You can find out more about the mission at http://www.richardinspace.com.

To commemorate this quite unique trip Richard and NCSoft have launched Operation Immortality. As part of his mission Richard will take with him, and store in outer space, a history of humanity’s greatest achievements, human genome data, and personal messages from people all over the world.

From today anyone that has an active trial or retail account for Tabula Rasa can become a part of this mission by visiting https://www.operationimmortality.com/ and adding their own personal message and TR character data to the information stored on the Immortality Drive.

You don’t have an account? No problem, NCSoft have given Ready Up users access to a limited amount of trial codes for the game and a link to download the client. Just click the buttons and you’ll be on your way!







6 responses to “Operation Immortality”

  1. Anthony avatar

    Going into space is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I think the closest I’m going to get, at least for the next few years, is getting a message on that immortality drive.

    Good luck Richard!

  2. Skill avatar

    NOOOO!! Hasn’t he seen the Species movies! DON’T send genetic data into space!!

  3. Jay avatar

    I can remember a comment when this South African business guy brought a trip into space when someone suggested that before he gets out of the returning craft after it lands that everyone put on monkey suits to freak him out…let’s get that done! A renewed interest in space travel by NASA recently certainly makes this project seem all the more impressive. Nice work, Richard – you lucky bugger! 🙂

  4. Alex avatar

    Exciting! It all sounds like such a fab idea, but looking at the comments it seems I now need to watch the Species movies 😉
    I’m downloading the client now, quite excited, as I’d been fancying trying Tabula Rasa out! =D

  5. Laura avatar

    Tabula Rasa is awesome, I really enjoyed it. It’s quite under sung, I don’t know why. Maybe just cause it’s not WOW.

  6. Michael avatar

    Fab idea? No, it sounds like all those years of training, research, even the odd death, has ended up being done so some folks can have a jaunt into space if they’re rich enough. Space tourism? Right…

    Voyager 1 kind of did what he’s doing 31 years ago. And his mission objectives? NASA is planning an MMO to foster an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) anyway. As for environment – do you have any idea how much fuel it takes to launch a shuttle?

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