Share? No Way!

Once upon a time gaming was, for me, something I did with a boyfriend, friend or kid I was babysitting. “Level or life” was the unwritten rule and we’d happily pass the controller back and forth, encouraging each others efforts and feeling the “pain” of unfortunate deaths together. Growing up I was never allowed a machine of my own, my parents being quite old fashioned thought a single Commodore 64 between 4 kids was generous. With the no more than 20 mins a day each of gaming time we were allowed seeming nowadays entirely laughable I shallowly found myself making friends with who ever had the latest console or PC which meant of course, level or life or split-screen and thoroughly enjoying every minute. It wasn’t until I left home and got my first job I was able to get hold of my own, my precious, brand new shiny Playstation.

When my man bought a 360 we didn’t believe that a console was anything more than a household toy to be enjoyed by the whole family and anyone that came to visit. I can’t quite put my finger on what brought about the change. Competitiveness maybe, lack of free time perhaps. Whatever it was I found myself very dissatisfied with limiting my gaming in any way . Maybe it was the individual profiles and achievements I didn’t want a score that I couldn’t fully be proud of. Maybe it was the sheer immersive stunning worlds and choices of actions and different paths available in many mainstream games that have been released in the past few years. Exciting enthralling games that make a player not want to give up a single moment for fear of missing something.

The 360 is MINE!

It was inevitable, after a few “You played that level without me!” and “Hurry up so I can play my game!” discussions then sitting through Finding Nemo on DVD with the kids for the fiftieth time that we decided one 360 in the house was not enough and that I needed my own, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health and so on. Peace soon returned to my life, happy gamers with happy faces. Just don’t ask me for a turn cause you wont get one.







4 responses to “Share? No Way!”

  1. Zanveth avatar

    I get possessive about controllers, my controller is my controller and nobody is allowed to play with it. If they want a turn they use the ‘second’ and hardly used controller, with the small bobbles still on the analog sticks.

  2. Michael avatar

    Level or life? Eh?

    I have gotten so used to using a wireless 360 controller that it feels weird using a wired one; it’s like it’s, hmm, clunkier maybe?

    I want a lightsaber wielding squirrel…

  3. Dave avatar

    Ah wicked! So it isn’t just my girlfriend who wont let me play Kung-Fu Panda or Lego Indiana Jones unless she’s there?

    I find it really awesome of course, that she wants a share in something I’m passionate about. We’ve had some really fun co-op games of Lego Star Wars and Indy.

    She even wants me to hold off playing GTA IV unless she’s there to watch as I play. It’s almost like she’s afraid to miss an episode of her favourite show, which says a lot for the narrative.

    Either way, it’s ace 😀

  4. Jake avatar

    Even Carole has expressed an interest in her own Xbox, and she doesn’t even class herself as anything close to a gamer. Unless you happen to mention Rock Band then she’s right there belting vocals with the voice of an angel.

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