Spartan for Hire?

On my way to work this morning I noticed something really uncanny. Right across my end of Edinburgh there are roadworks as far as the eye can see for the instalation of a new tram line (which everyone here hates the sound of). It’s messy, disruptive, loud and there’s fumes everywhere on my route.

But I didn’t for a second think that Master Chief himself was behind it.  Check out the picture I took this morning.

Stick a ‘3’ in the middle of that blue bit and I’m sure there’s a lawsuit there.

I can see it now, to make up for a lack of labourers, they’ve started engineering superhuman brickies in the visage of Master Chief.

‘sigh’ this is how dull my walk to work is every morning 😛







5 responses to “Spartan for Hire?”

  1. Michael avatar

    Finish the fight… to stop your kecks from slipping!

    I need a… belt!

    And so on.

  2. Dave avatar

    Finish the fight…for better tram lines!

    Oh yes…I went there.

  3. Laura avatar

    Lock and Load….the van.

  4. Martin avatar

    Some would say it’s sad but I see games references everywhere. I work with cars and last week I had a Mitsubishi ‘WARRIO’ to clean (someone had altered the badge, meant to say warrior), the week before a car had ‘RPD’ on it’s number plate. I was also going to do a blog to that effect, might try again-camera at the ready. “this is how the roadworks ends!”

  5. Dave avatar

    I feel that i wont be able to walk anywhere now without keeping one yee open for any loose game connections 🙂

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