I’m Sorry I Don’t Play That Way

When I sit down to a multiplayer above all, I want to have fun. It’s really great to win but it’s all about charging around blasting and shooting and I don’t really mind if I hit or miss.

Everyone knows that Ranked Matches are for gamers that wish to take the game a little seriously and focus on winning. So if I’m not in that frame of mind or just feel like mucking around having a laugh with friends I reckon it’s best to choose social/player matches for a casual light hearted bit of shooteryness and grenadage.

There’s usually a good mix in these types of matches, high ranker’s, noob’s and everyone in between. Of course you can never predict who you’re going to come across, it is after all, the internet and while most people are decent enough you are more than likely to come across a few arseholes.  I can handle that, you get your cocky mouthy players who wanna brag about all their kills as if everyone should worship them zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, there are those that choose to entertain with their singing skills (If one can call them skills.)  Strong language and banter are of course rife throughout any type of activity that involves competitiveness but then trash talk is a valuable multiplayer skill that if done properly, with the psyche factor taken into account, can more than compensate for a less than perfect aiming ability.

The only sort of random gamer stranger that gets to me are the “I know best I’ve appointed myself team leader this is SERIOUS guys I gotta get more EXP so I’m giving the orders”

KillerxChick does not follow orders.

For example when some dude rudely barks at me to follow them or grab a certain weapon that I really don’t feel like using I will get the sudden urge to lone wolf it into several enemies at once and try to take them out with a pistol, only to die spectacularly shamefully to the sound of chuckles from the opposing team and frustrated cries such as “OMG are you a retard! I don’t believe this!!!” blah blah blah from a disgruntled team mate.  Instead of feeling rubbish about being slayed I start to become amused at how much of an annoyance I am being to this irate individual.

 A bit of tactical input in my ear from someone with a friendly attitude is great at any time, “BEHIND YOU!!” or “Do you want the rocket launcher?” are some of the things I like to hear. 

So what’s the BFD?! Why do people play these games if they are just gonna get stressed out over things like silly me and my need to rebel against the slightest hint of an authoritative tone. I’m not completely shite and even if I was I don’t need to be moaned and whinged at while I’m trying to PLAY a GAME! That in my opinion is more understandable in Ranked but come on, even then it’s hardly an MLG tournament.

I wonder if my sucking big time around bring-down gamers could be doing them a favour. You never know, they may realise that losing isn’t the end of the world. At the end of the day it is just a game and I will find the fun if it kills me.







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  1. Martin avatar

    I was in a clan sometime ago and one of the guys was telling me what guns to use and stuff, It wasn’t long before I left. I also love whipping some American teens up and down the place and then pretending to be gay in the after match lobby, ” not only did I beat you but I’m gay as well!” They really can’t handle that one.

  2. Michael avatar

    I regularly played Gears of War with some friends ages ago and, though we weren’t uber-serious, we would call out enemy locations and weapons. I suppose some might see that as telling people what to do in a roundabout way

    I do remember trying to tell folks what not to do in a GRAW2 game, mostly because doing it would mean an enemy helicopter showed up and probably kill us all… plus I’m a bit touchy about my accent the odd time. Got enough grief over it anyway… “Yes that’s right, I’m a mick and you, well you’re a bit dead aren’t ya?” Possibly also adding “SPAAAAAAAAAAN-AH!” or something.

  3. Chris avatar

    I’ve not really experienced this in open UK game rooms, mainly because I mostly play in private lobby’s, but I have with the Americans or mixed public rooms. Yes, I suppose there is always a need for team-play so everyone sings from the same song sheet, but unless you’re all familiar with each other and everyone feels comfortable playing that way, it’s no fun being ‘given’ orders. Generally in the MP games I take part in, we all agree on an objective for the round and work towards achieving it. Not so fond of playing with Lone Wolves though, and backing each other up is always a good way to play.

  4. Simon avatar

    I’m with you Laura.
    Nothing gets me more narked than some git thinking he’s General Custer. It has to said that at times I do get a bit excited and too involved in the game and as a result a bit shouty. But at these times I try to remember the immortal words of Bart Simpson “Be of the game, not in the game.”

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    Duncan Kane


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