OcH! grrOOOW UP!!!!


Never let it be said that I drop da bombz but in this case I just can’t help myself (really really wish I could).


Master chief of Ready-Up…

Has hit the bold 30 years old. You wouldn’t believe it to look at him (he had a hard paper round). Anyway in true levelling up in any generic MMORPG – GRATZ! on your ding.

Anyway enough of this age-mockery and lets get down to the point.

The bad news is that, Dan, you have to give up games now because you’re too old for that sort of thing? right?

Gaming is beginning to swallow up people of all ages. Apparently, according to uber-accurate stats on the reliable t’internet 59% of people between 5 and 65 play games. Consoles are the most popular closely followed by PCs or for the man who wants a painless vasectomy…. laptops.

Men still dominate gaming, don’t start ladies, what I mean is that there are more men per age group who play games than woman. Also, the average gamer age in the UK is 28.

Now that the Stats are out the way lets talk people and gamin perceptions. How many categories can we get… lets see,

  • People who play games. Granted. As I’ve said already we are running for UK domination soon to move onto the WORLD.
  • Old people who just don’t have a clue about anything involving buttons that don’t turn on lights, cookers etc.
  • Old people over the age of 60 who have a brain age of 21 according to the DS ← be very wary of these people.
  • People who think they know about games and computers. Now, I don’t claim to be at the bleeding edge of gamez but I read a fair bit like anyone else.

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Do not EVER get into a relationship platonic or not with ANYONE who knows SOMEONE who knows a little bit about computers/gaming.

So, how people react when you tell them that you got GTA4 for your birthday or some other game? Do you get the look saying ‘Why aren’t you working?’ or ‘Aren’t you too OLD for games?’

I got 2 words for people like that… I WILL PWN YOU in red vs. blue.







13 responses to “OcH! grrOOOW UP!!!!”

  1. Simes avatar

    Hell, I’m 35. Anyone trying to tell me I’m too old to play games will get a good battering with my zimmer frame, let me tell you. Kids today, don’t know they’re born etc.

    Also, aren’t those technically eight words?

  2. Dave avatar

    Jesus I’m 25 in August! Does this mean I have five years of quality gaming time left until I must be put out to pasture? – Oh noes!


  3. markouk avatar

    Hmmm, I’m 30 too but still feel (and look) as young as the day I was born…erm, that’s not right. Well, they say that you are only as old as the man you feel…this is why I keep a small Peruvian boy in my cellar so I can pop down and give him a “rub of youth”. Anto knows how it works ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh and the old dude in the picture (no not Dan) seems to be utilising on of those new sofas from DFS…think it’s called the Sit ‘n’ Sh!t range.

  4. Michael avatar

    I always wondered if “I” was actually a word (same with “a” like “a word”) for word counts and such…

    I’m 27 in October.

    There’s a website where old gamers go to die… I mean, play games with other people who reminisce about the good old days of Pong and such. Probably. I can’t remember the URL though. Irony is great

  5. Laura avatar

    Happy Birthday Chief! I bet we will all be gaming as oap’s. Im not far off 3O and I intend to keep gaming til I pop my clogs. :p

  6. Tony avatar

    30? Oh dear! I’m miles and miles and years and years away from that grand old age.

    Well, three weeks exactly, to be fair.

    But it seems like a long way away! Honest!

    I intend to game on until my arthiritis stops me or my heart stops… (whichever comes first)

  7. Nick avatar

    Why Marko thank you for that delightful insight into my personal life as a former “rub of youth”. I don’t claim to be the youngest but at the ripe age of 21 I feel pretty smug at being younger than a good few of you. I kid of course since I’m always asked for ID when entering a pub or club.

    Happy birthday Flare! ๐Ÿ™‚ May you have (at least) 70 more great ones!

  8. Shaz avatar

    W00t birthday wishes! *poke poke* Oldie!!! No wonder you can’t beat me at Beat-em-ups! mwah ha ha ha ha! The grasshopper pwns the wise man – cheeky!

    Have a good one chief! Enjoy some Pow Pow Pow action at Warfighters!

  9. Shaz avatar

    Oh and I’ll ask Eva to shoot you 30 times. The alternative to birthday beats! ha ha ha!

  10. Kirsten avatar

    I refuse to divulge my age which is a sign of being old.

  11. City avatar

    apparrently im still young enough to play games, but i disagree with your relationship advice ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. asamink avatar

    You look like Brucie from GTA IV in your photo. Are you genetically different?

  13. virsale avatar

    Interesting blog, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

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