Anti-social Socialising

Ain’t LIVE grand!? We can chat to old friends, make new ones, challenge people to duels and battles of skill, wits and luck, spend entire evenings having a great laugh and all from the comfort of our favourite armchair.Photobucket

There’s no need to do your hair or dress up, or even get dressed at all. You don’t have to drive anywhere or worry about how you’re going to get home (I’ve been stuck in Cardiff Town in the middle of January at 4:00 AM wearing next to nothing, it’s not fun let me tell you). There’s no mad rush to clean up before people arrive and you won’t have to fuss around making sure that the people that you’re with are fed, topped up with drinks, and comfortable.


I can’t even imagine anymore, sitting down to game without signing in and being nosey – taking a little peek at what my friends have been up to, if they’ve got any wicked new games I want to borrow and if their score has increased at all.

Of course I have to put up with the “Not bad for a girl” comments from my boyfriend’s mates but I’ve spent so much time with them online lately that I now feel more than comfortable relentlessly teabagging them for little remarks like that!







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  1. Martin avatar

    There is a strange voyeur type thing with Live in that you can watch the progress of people who are blissfully unaware that they are being watched. I do it all the time-comaring games, checking scores etc. My name is Martin and I’m an Xbox live Voyeur. Worrying that I can even spell that word!

  2. City avatar

    I think part of me is glad i dont have an xbox because im bad enough snooping on facebook, if there is a competative element like beating gamescores, well then id never be off it :/

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