The next step for gaming?

Well, look at our modern day gaming. The next gen incorporating global, social gaming, digital downloads and new game play elements.

Take for example the user friendly Wii. It’s become a highly wanted family pet for most households. A remedy for the fallen Eye Toy. Nintendo have succeeded in sweeping all audiences of all ages. The rivalry of xbox 360 and PS3. Both are great machines with quality gaming and they offer a range of downloadable content. Though Sony have one top trump and that’s the six axis controller.

However pushing all that aside I want to share with you something amazing. This game is called Kick Ass Kung Fu, kind of similar to the eye toy only this gives you more playing space. It’s only been a touring exhibit but seriously, if I was rich I’d replace the gym in my mansion for something like this!

Watching this clip made me think of how our gaming may evolve over time. How we’ve moved from likes of Pong to the next gen consoles. If dreams would come true I’d like to see some real “Holodecks” from Star Trek.








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    This looks amazing! Can’t wait till something like this is accessible in our homes.

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