I don’t know what to get next for my DS. I’ve finished all of the Phoenix Wright games and the third one isn’t yet out. I’ve got Cooking Mama 2, but that’s only really good as a temporary distraction. Professor Layton had me enthralled, but I finished that in a week’s worth of commuting time on the train.

crystalchroniclessmall.JPGI’m considering getting the new Final Fantasy game, but I’m a bit cautious. After Revenant Wings fell into the annoying combat system pile I’m unsure about the new Crystal Chronicles game. The first Crystal Chronicles game that was for the GBA and Gamecube was pure brilliance and I loved it. Hopefully Ring of Fates will be good, but I fear the total fail that was Revenant Wings.
There are a lot of teen and children’s games coming out, but nothing is really catching my attention. Maybe it’s time to revisit some of those wonderful GBA games like Golden Sun.






5 responses to “Choices?”

  1. James avatar

    Dont worry with the FF:CC DS game. Unlike the other final fantasy one this sticks pretty close to its original material 🙂

    The kids in the game annoy the hell outta me sometimes though 😛

  2. Jake avatar

    I just found a shop in Huddersfield with import copies of the third Phoenix Wright and the first Apollo Justice which completely ruined my plans to dabble with DS Final Fantasy

  3. Donna avatar

    James, good to know.

    Jake, that’s pure evil. I’d never eat or sleep if I had an easy option for importing DS games.

  4. James avatar

    I actually have an import shop near me too. I dont really buy import ones but my mum tends to ALWAYS buy Harvest Moon on import. Just recently got the DS girl one XD

  5. Martin avatar

    I like 42 all time classics, there is plenty to keep you going in that game. If you can find it on GBA Sonic Advance/Chu Chu Rocket twin pack is an absolute must.

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