We play games…

… all bloomin’ night!

So I joined in the Frag Doll gaming marathon this weekend. I played, more or less solidly (only breaking when Kirsten took a break, with the odd  find-cover-and-nip-to-the-loo strategy thrown in for good measure) from around 10pm Saturday night until the finish-line of 10am Sunday morning. 12 hours of Rainbow Six. Twelve hours of shooting brilliance. It was for a good cause, and it was a good laugh (although, when you’ve been awake for 27 hours, anything’s brilliantly funny I think – even the mundane stuff like, you know, focusing) so here are the some of the things that I learnt last night:-

 * It took me twelve hours to get 300 multiplayer kills
* 100 shotgun kills didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so the other 200 must have taken me yonks.
* I hate the “Theater” map
* My post-death phrases involving defecation onto inanimate objects was brought into question. According to Kirsten, “more shooting of the bad guys, less shitting on a brick is what you need to do”
* Nestle’s Cookie Crisp is a very odd cereal.
* I managed to get promoted twice, once around the start of the night and once towards the end. A happy balance. And I’ll probably need those beautiful colours of camo. Especially if I could write “I played for 12 hours solid, and all I got was this lousy camo” upon it, and judging from the colour of it I’d need to be attacking a vomit factory.
* A full night of snow is nowhere near as deep as you think it will be when the sun comes up.
* When you’re tired, simple strategy (like peeking around corners before you blunder merrily in) goes completely out of the window.
* Reflexes are much faster when you pull off a snapshot against an approaching teammate than an approaching enemy. Praise the lord for friendly fire toggle!
* I love my bed!







8 responses to “We play games…”

  1. Simes avatar

    I didn’t put in the hours you did, but I find myself never wanting to play adversarial on that game again. I really, really dislike it.

  2. Jake avatar

    I didn’t think it was that bad – but I will be having a break from it before I play again!! Didn’t really try any other game modes other than deathmatch tho – so hard to judge the whole package.

  3. Simes avatar

    The maps are so small that it’s almost impossible not to be spawn camped and there’s never time to take a breath. I find it really stressful.

    I don’t think it’s a bad game, necessarily, although there are a number of bugs which they haven’t fixed since the first one and damn well should have. I just don’t like it.

  4. arc14716 avatar

    I think there may be a bug on Villa. Someone was trying to climb up the ladder from the bedroom on one of the floors to the roof and they got stuck on the ladder and couldn’t come up. They got stuck for the rest of the game and whenever I was respawning, I got a view of him stuck on that ladder. I think it’s a random thing as later on I saw someone come up the ladder successfully.

  5. Jake avatar

    I agree with you about the spawn camping, Simes. There were a few times when I found myself in the opposing spawn area when I was just meandering around. Hopefully they’ll make some bigger maps available for download at some point.

  6. arc14716 avatar

    There was one map especially where we kept getting knocked off because of spawn camping. I forgot what map that was though.

  7. Michael avatar

    It took me about an hour (and I was only on for about two, all in all), jumping between rooms, get 50 kills… from playing Call of Duty so much I found I kept pressing B to crouch only to lob a grenade – fortunately, I found a way round that. I just held onto them then changed direction and distance!

  8. Cabe avatar

    Villa was the worst, pop out of the ladders to see 4 people spawn. Oh shi…….*bang*

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