The little things…

Okay, so these things aren’t really meant to happen. They are most likely considered as nightmares for developers who have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into bringing us games in their finest quality.

However on the odd occasion, I have experienced small moments that make me burst into fits of giggles. Among the shooters are many strange deaths and here are two from my gaming:


Although not intended, it’s nice to get a bit of light from seriousness once in a while.







2 responses to “The little things…”

  1. Jake avatar

    Not that it was a glitch, but I once had a giggle inducing death moment in Oblivion where fate had managed to throw the bodies of a lion and a bear together in such a way that it looked like they were trying to make somekind of hybrid offspring. A brian, maybe.

  2. Michael avatar

    I think you have a habit of causing the death of soldiers who happen to be breakdancers

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