Bring Back The Dead

It’s another step back from the present and time to appreciate the golden oldies. In my younger days I indulged in a heavy amount of PC Gaming and there was always a soft spot for point and click adventures. ‘Cause every kid loved a good story right? Bit of a shame to see Lucas Arts running the hamster wheels mainly for Star Wars. Their website pretty much clarifies that and only if you look carefully you may notice Thrillville and Indiana Jones.

Anyway back to gaming history, picking at a select few of all Lucas Arts has given us, I’ve put together a mini montage of L.A’s adventure games. I hope brings a smile for the more experienced gamers and apologies beforehand for the lame quality video. Never played those games? You missed out! But no worries my friends I won’t hold it against you. However I’m going to have to frown upon anyone who has not come across my personal favourite, “one that rules them all”, L.A’s first 3D adventure, Grim Fandango.


Witty. Gripping plot. A great variety of characters (which can be said for the games featured in the mini montage) but certainly this old treasure had style. Every time I’ve replayed this game there’s so many good moments in Grim Fandango that it never dulls down. Something about this game always draws you in and makes you forget reality for a while.

Grim Fandango picked up quite a lot of awards in it’s release year and I think George should take this into account! If I could, I’d spam his email to make the tale of Manny Calavera come to life in a motion picture.

Well I’ll leave you with the Grim Fandango Opening. A taste of the game which still has it’s old charm.







4 responses to “Bring Back The Dead”

  1. Donna avatar

    Watching the intro really really makes me want to install Grim Fandango and play it. It’s been ages since I broke that game out and I loved it so much.

  2. Simes avatar

    Have you tried the new Sam & Max games? They’re pretty good.

  3. Shaz avatar

    I’ve been thinking about giving it another chance. At least now they have all the episodes on one disc. Guess I’ll look up some game play of it on-line before I jump the gun. My fear is buying it and feeling disappointed in comparison to it’s original.

  4. Toejam avatar

    I reckon the point and click adventure game is about to have it’s second wind. The Wii and DS are perfect platforms for the genre. I’m currently half way through Zak and Wiki on Wii, and it’s amazing! It lacks the indepth plot of a LA game, but the puzzles are genius, just like playing Monkey Island again. If those kind of games succeed, then LA will follow, hopefully with Grim 2!

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