Recognition…at last.

Ok I play the 360, more than I probably should. I do like the whole achievements thing, the online community etc. But last night I discovered something that I hadn’t really looked twice at in my two plus years of 360 ownership…….a leaderboard!

There I was quite happily playing The Club when, after a match had finished, I noticed on the updated leaderboard that I was sitting around 18th. Wait a mo’ I thought out of all the thousands of people playing this and I’m 18th in the WORLD!! Zoinks, my heart went all a flutter, could I actually be good enough at a game to rank high?

Just to explain this was just on one level of The Club, for those who wish to check “a bridge too far, Venice” on casual and reckless later.

So Sunday night/Monday morning I played the level over and over, learning the route and gradually increasing my score, until at the end of play I was 8th in the world. I was delighted it really felt like I had achieved something, without the plinky sound! So back on tonight and I played the same level for 3 hours over and over until…………2nd in the world. I got a wee elated nervous shake about me, did I actually do that? Yup. Feeling cocksure I upped the difficulty to reckless and within 10 minutes I was sitting at 3rd in the world, what a rush!

The moral of this? I’m quite good at The Club, and you don’t need a plink to tell you that you’ve achieved something, just check the leaderboards, you might be surprised.  Incidentally, I don’t care if there were only 20 people on the leaderboard, the fact that I am third really warms my cockles.(there are more than 20 people!)







6 responses to “Recognition…at last.”

  1. Dan avatar

    Very impressive Martin, I usually find myself in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands in leaderboards. Nice one!

  2. Tony avatar

    That is impressive. The best ranking I’ve ever had at any game would probably be Burnout Revenge, where I consistently ranked about 1500th in the world. And that was after about 100+ hours of play over months and months…

  3. Shaz avatar

    *Pat on the back*
    Nice one dude! Are you going to challenge for gold?

    I use to want to do the same for Puzzle Fighter HD on Xbox arcade but no one can be found online playing it.

  4. Martin avatar

    As of two o’clock this morning I ranked No.1 on the casual setting. Boy was I smiling! Thanks for your comments, onwards and upwards.

  5. Craig avatar

    well done,i ranked number 2 in the world on real difficulty on Prison cells.i couldnt beleive day i dropped down(ouch)

  6. Martin avatar

    Yup I lost my top spot and a few more to a score I can’t possibly get, why do people do this? Anyway i climbed back up to second on casual third on reckless and 20th on insane. Still chuffed to be in the top 20.

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