Just buy it!

I noticed it was mentioned a few weeks ago but since then, nothing. What am I talking about today? The quite utterly brilliant Zack and Wiki on the Wii. If you have any Wii games that aren’t Mario Galaxy or Resi 4 trade up to this gem NOW! I never really played “point and click” games before, with the exception of a Broken Sword demo on the PS1, so to come to this is an absolute marvel.

I’m not gonna write a review of it, not enough space, but maybe surmise a bit. Basically you control pirate dude Zack and his flying monkey Wiki with the Wiimote, helping them to solve puzzles, one area at a time to get the treasure chest. There is lots of manipulation of the controller and much brain scratching but it never seems to be a chore. The game oozes charm with it’s easy to use interface and cartoon like graphics. Four hours in and I’ve only just scratched the surface of this gem.

Here is the gold medal though. It is a one player game but my whole family sit round to watch and offer advice as to which rock to break, which tool to use etc. My six year old daughter, especially, is taken with it, such is the child like cuteness of it. Don’t be put off though, some of the puzzles are of Rubiks quality so there is plenty for us grown ups. Get this game, you wont regret it one bit. Shame it will probably be ignored by the majority of Wii owners, mostly the older peeps.

Lastly did you know that Capcom (maker of this great game) is an amalgamation of Capsule and Computers.







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    I was eyeing up this game at work. Sounds good. I do miss the point and clicks. Especially the old Lucas Arts stuff like Monkey Island, Sam and Max, etc.

    I’m glad the Wii is getting some more unique games because the standard platforms aren’t really working out. The controls were awful for Marvel Ultimate Alliance! The majority of WarioWare Smooth Moves kinda redeems the fun in Wii-mote action.

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