Original sin

A few posts down Foxus was saying we should give Xbox Originals a try. I totally agree. I really want to download a few Xbox Originals titles but I’m torn. I feel like I shouldn’t be playing games I’ve already played like Psychonauts (which I love) There are so many great new games out there. Because I work in gaming I feel like I need to be well informed on all the latest things. If I spend my precious gaming hours on Psychonauts I’ll fall behind on my work. I also feel like I shouldn’t be playing anything on my 360 that I can’t get gamerscore from lest my arch-nemesis Kate overtakes my score again as she’s been prone to doing recently. Again, I don’t want to ‘fall behind’. It’s terrible because I’ve put myself in a position where my current gaming life is a job of work in almost every regard. I’m not saying “Boo hoo, I work in gaming.” I don’t HAVE to play every single 360 game and I don’t HAVE to beat Kate’s stupid score. They are self imposed chores.

That being the case of course means that the Xbox Original games now seem more shiny and alluring as the days go by. In my mind Fable, which I’ve never played seems like a cruise ship holiday. I imagine myself dressed in a velour tracksuit, sitting on a deck chair while playing it, sipping a preposterously large cocktail. It would be a holiday from the work of gaming. I think I’ll meet the issue half way. I’ll finish Tomb Raider Anniversary. That’s a trip down nostalgia alley but it’s still ‘new’ and I can score point off it!








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