TinyShaz meets Playstation 3

TinyShaz meets Playstation 3

Yup, I’m a sucker for cash which has trained my ears well to hear the word, “free”. Luckily I found out about 3ROOMS and damn it was time to go bonkers with excitement. 3ROOMS = FREE PS3 gaming + FREE food and unexpectedly, FREE copy of Uncharted : Drakes Fortune… well, actually still waiting for that to come through the post. *taps fingers*

I can say that this event is pretty good for some of us who don’t have PS3’s.

The machine is seen more as an investment; plus its still kind of in it’s infancy; with the host having to mention “playstation 3 updates” to answer most of our questions and to evade our moaning of common technology flaws. Apparently the console has regular updates every month and some MEGA update that happens quarterly? I’m unsure about what to think of “updates”, tedious? or good preparation?

– Oh and with the whole thing about Home… *sigh* They say you’ll be able to someday order your grocery delivery from Tesco’s on it too. Seriously is that the first thing you think about when you log onto your PS3 network? I couldn’t help but think, “Oh god, no one will leave their homes. We’re all going to end up in the Matrix in the future.”







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  1. Mobeen avatar

    Hi Sharon, it’s Mobeen 4m Sat’s BoD…da Pakistani guy 4m Birmingham, I wore Akuma’s Ten kanji on da back of my black T-shirt n wore black jeans…we were chattin with Justin durin da HSF2 finals, lol!

    Holla back girl 😀 !

  2. Shaz avatar

    Hey Mobeen, it was great to meet you at BOD. 😀 Please introduce yourself to the forums and we’ll catch up on fighting talk, Birmingham’s gaming scene, etc

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