Tag: dunkology

  • Pipe Dreams – Pricing Awareness

    Duncan worries the latest generation of consoles may bring about the death of middle-tier games.

  • Pipe Dreams – Star Fox

    Duncan dreams of Fox McCloud and what a modern reimagining would need to succeed.

  • Pipe Dreams – Banjo-Threeie

    Duncan delves back into Rareware’s history and demands the sequel that was promised over a decade ago: Banjo-Threeie.

  • Pipe Dreams – Conker’s Other Bad Day

    Duncan discovers there was once a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day planned. He wants it back.

  • Pipe Dreams – E3 2013 Edition

    With E3 only a week away, Duncan lays out what sequels he’s hoping for from this year’s expo.

  • Pipe Dreams – The Next Xbox

    Duncan wades into the fray to talk about some potentially overlooked aspects he hopes the next Xbox does, and does not, include.

  • Pipe Dreams – Wing Commander: Privateer 3

    The DOS era was the Wild West of video games. No Internet, no rating boards, not even a truly reliable source of opinions – any game could be made and succeed, or fail, in the industry. Back in that age the best you could rely on was the developer’s reputation. If a company you trusted…

  • Pipe Dreams – Theme Hospital 2

    I like that strategy games are back on the rise. Starcraft II is doing incredibly well in the eSports scene – with Heart of the Swarm’s release on the horizon, Prison Architect has been getting some much deserved praise following a terrific Eurogamer showing, and Civilisation V is still getting plenty of support – hardcore…

  • Pipe Dreams – Dino Crisis 4

    I don’t know when it happened, I don’t know why, but at one point in gaming history dinosaurs were rife in the gaming world and then suddenly… extinction. I’m sure that Turok’s last attempt wasn’t exactly helping to resurrect them, but back in the Nintendo 64/PlayStation era, the age of the dino-shooter was riding high.…

  • Pipe Dreams – Timesplitters 4

    A lot of people these days complain that the first-person shooter market has become a homogenised mess with overly gritty and serious shooters. I am not in total agreement of that fact, but I do agree that the world of gaming needs more Timesplitters. As the world already has three in existence it may be…