Pipe Dreams – E3 2013 Edition

Do you know what a lot of people this week have been asking me? “Duncan, you’re into video games, what video game sequels are you hoping for at E3?” I’m just being facetious. Nobody has asked me that. Doesn’t matter though, because I’m giving my answer anyway, these are the Top 5 video game sequels I’m Pipe Dreaming will be announced at E3 2013!

17 - E3 Edition Logo

17 - Fallout 4I have faith that Fallout 4 is inevitable. I have sunk over 250 hours into Fallout 3, and while New Vegas temporarily filled a gap it never came close to scratching my Fallout itch. I want a next generation, dark and dreary, completely isolating Fallout game from Bethesda. As long as there is no multiplayer of any form, I will be happy with the mere knowledge that it is coming any time within the next 12 months. I will even buy the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary edition so I can give you money while I wait.

17 - Mirror's Edge 2This one has had a lot of potential leaks around the Internet lately, but this was on my list before that – I swear! The original Mirror’s Edge was excellent for the genre it was attempting to create. There were some missteps, and issues with the execution, but that’s what sequels are for. Improve the camera swaying, negate some of the more gun/action orientated sections, and just make more of it. If this does come to fruition, as rumours suggest it may well do, then I would want to add the prevision to this Pipe Dream that Mirror’s Edge 2 not be an Xbox One exclusive, and that it be multi-platform for all to enjoy.

17 - Jak 4You think I’d forget about one of my favourite platforming duos of all time? The awesome Jak & Daxter trilogy is set to hit the PS Vita this month, and I want a new Jak (& Daxter) game for the PlayStation 4. To me PlayStation has always had the edge when it came to platforming games, I’m dead excited for Knack, and with Ratchet & Clank doing so well I want to see more platformers on the market for the next generation. I don’t want a spin-off though. I don’t want another botched attempt like ‘Daxter’ on the PSP to avoid culpability. Make Jak & Daxter 4. Keep it in canon. Put it on PlayStation 4. Let me give you lots of money for it.

17 - Portal 3Wait, don’t you mean HALF LIFE 3?” NOPE. I’m not joining in with that horse beating. I think Valve is pulling a Molyneux-esque experiment by only announcing HL3 when everybody forgets they want it. No, I’d like Portal 3. Though a more likely scenario may be a spin-off, or similar game using the same engine, I want more portal puzzle platforming perfection to play. I’m not expecting a 2013 release, not by a long shot, but I would like a confirmation or a hint that it is coming soon to some degree. The ending of Portal 2 left potential for a third instalment, and I’m hoping Valve doesn’t pull a Valve and stop at 2.

17 - Advance WarsUThis one was the most popular choice when I threw out a Tweet on my Twitter account on the topic of E3 dreams – and I agreed with the populous. The Wii U is strangely well geared for such a title. You could have your army’s stats, locations, or even moves queued up on the gamepad while the TV shows the map in its entirety with all the battling happening. Even our own Editor-in-Chief Dan chipped in the superb idea for cross-platform play between the Wii U and the 3DS. It all sounds like a turn-based strategy wet dream. So, Nintendo, the tank is in your square. Are you going to take on the challenge, or GG out?

17 - Klonoa 3WILD CARD BONUS DREAM! Yes, I am aware this won’t happen but dammit I’m putting it in because I want it, okay? Sony is launching a new PlayStation, and with a new generation there is always the slimmest hope that franchises may be reborn or remade and I would sacrifice copies of God of War: Ascension to Zeus for a new Klonoa game. The original game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, is already available on PSN/PS Vita for £3.99. They clearly had enough faith to bring it back to some degree, I say Sony/Namco take a risk and go the whole hog with an entirely new Klonoa game. If this happens I will unashamedly proclaim myself a prophet of gaming.

Truth is, if two or more of these come true at E3 I’ll be totally sold on the next generation of consoles.

That’s it for this episode of Pipe Dreams, my name’s Duncan Aird and I approve these dreams.


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