Miner Meltdown Review

Miner Meltdown is a frantic online multiplayer game by Mighty Pebble set in the depths of pixel mines. Verity and Susan grab their jetpacks and pickaxes and go on the hunt for diamonds and DEATH!

You play as a miner (surprise, surprise) and go down into the mines to find treasure, hunt mutants and kill other players! Who knew that mining as a profession was so vicious?

There are several game modes, and you can play solo or split into teams. First of all is a good old fashioned deathmatch, where your aim is to survive, but also to rack up the most number of kills. Second is Diamond Dash, where you mine or kill mutants to find diamonds, then deposit those in a store for points and glory. You can also hunt down other players, kill them and loot their stuff. Finally, Crazy King is a variation of King of the Hill where the winning area is constantly moving around the map, so you need to chase it through the mines, of course killing the other players. There’s a lot of death in this game, but it has such cheerful pixel graphics and fun music that it doesn’t really seem to matter…

The loot you find in the mines can be used to shop for cool items and handy weapons that will help you rain down more death and destruction on your opponents. DIAMONDS OR DEATH!

Miner Meltdown is available on Steam.  Check out @mighty_pebble on Twitter, or more on Miner Meltdown at minermeltdown.net.


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