Team Meat, the developers of super hard and meaty platformer Super Meat Boy, played a complete blinder on Twitter this weekend.

Super Meat Boy Forever

After, somewhat innocently, revealing the new logo for their follow-up game Super Meat Boy Forever a fan on Twitter questioned whether the sequel would be a (as rumours have suggested) ‘procedurally generated endless runner with subpar controls’. If that was the case then they would certainly not be interested.

This clearly struck a chord with the social media guys over at Team Meat who replied with a plethora of examples as to why that would be a really bad thing that would completely miss the point of a Super Meat Boy game.

Once that ball started rolling it didn’t want to stop and the results were hilarious.

Then they started getting sassy.

It was then revealed that more of Super Meat Boy Forever will be on show at PAX later this year and hopefully that demo will quench some of the endless runner rumours that have been flying about in the press. Till then though it is probably best to avoid striking that particular nerve with @TeamMeat. Well played, though.