We introduce our very special guest Fryda Wolff, illustrious videogame voice actress, most recently for Sara Ryder in Mass Effect: Andromeda, tuning in all the way from sunny LA. Team member Fran also joins us for moral support. After cementing the British stereotype for apologising constantly and talking about the weather, we finally get the show on the road with what we’ve been playing.

You can follow Fryda Wolff on Twitter @frydawolff or check out her website at frydawolff.com

What have you been playing?

  • In amongst playing Hearthstone (on the toilet) and looking forward to playing Prey, Fryda has also been playing Paradigm, an Eastern Bloc inspired point and click adventure featuring her very own voice. We stop for an important Public Safety Announcement as Fryda discusses proper toilet etiquette and we find it difficult to move on from this, bouncing around like a turd on a space station…
  • A discussion of Jaal’s metal thong leads us onto a discussion of Mass Effect: Andromeda and space Australians. Dean needs to upgrade his Nomad. Then we get back onto butts…
  • Fran fills us in on her thoughts around Persona 5 and purple toilet demons, much to Dean’s amazement. This is our most thematic episode ever; it’s a shame about the theme!
  • Dean’s just finished Full Throttle Remastered, and challenges its lauded position in the adventure game canon.
  • Susan has finished XCOM 2, having streamed the entire gruelling playthrough on our Twitch channel.  Check out an explosive highlight below. Fryda also features in the game as American soldier #2 – another toilet reference for the record! Is anyone keeping count?

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Guest Spotlight

  • We interview Fryda about her voice work, including her route into the industry and the pros and cons of typecasting. But, of course, we begin starting with assessing the quality of her British accent, as featured in her voice for Sloan in the Mass Effect audio book, which leads to some interesting insights into recording for audio books and anime dubbing (ADR).
  • The interview continues, and now we turn to a discussion of Fryda’s approach to Ryder and what it’s like to hang out with Mark Hamill in a lobby. Also, how do you reconcile playing a role in a branching narrative RPG that can be carried in so many directions through player choice?

Theme of the Week

  • For our theme of the week Fran and Fryda select their ideal explorer squad in light of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Somehow we get into an argument about what’s in Lady Grey tea.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • It’s time for two truths one lie. Tigers in Las Vegas, Cold War romances with Hungarian spies, imported Scotsmen and Scientology boarding schools all make appearances to round out this surreal episode.

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