The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 6 – It’s Not Easy Being Uwe Boll


Defend your choices! Or come to blows! Hosts Dean Bowman and Susan Marmito are joined by Danny Russell, Ready Up’s (former) Man in Japan as he explains his curious picks for favourite games last year.

What have you been playing? Danny got his first platinum trophies on Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy VII, and has also been playing Pocket Mortys. There are nearly fisticuffs between Dean and Danny over the quality of the story in Final Fantasy X. Susan has been playing The Beginner’s Guide which is a bit too meta, and also Hunie Pop, a dating sim where you basically play a loser who plays dating sims (also very meta). Danny and Susan share the shame of playing Tap My Katamari. Meanwhile, Dean has been devising slapstick routines in Pillars of Eternity.
It’s the news! The Division may or may not contain microtransactions – would a microtransaction by any other name still sell as sweet? Hitman is now fully episodic. Filming has also wrapped on the Assassin’s Creed movie and some nutter is trying to complete every game on Steam.
Favourite Video Game Movie? Adam is probably the only one who loves the Resident Evil movies, which prompts a discussion of our favourite video game movie adaptations (and Uwe Boll’s spectacular fuck you to his detractors/fans). Dean’s mind is also blown when he finds out that Takashi Miike directed a live action Ace Attorney film. By the way, check out Gozu.
Two Truths, One Lie Danny met a lot of Japanese luminaries in 2015… Or did he?

Susan also guested on Cane and Rinse 205 – Ace Attorney so check that out for some in-depth chatter on Phoenix Wright.

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