Welcome to Game Buffs, Ready Up’s new trading standards violating videogame reading group! Each fortnight (or there abouts, depending on James’ telephone allowance) Dean and James will be having a deep discussion about a game that they’ve both been playing. The emphasis will be on indie games, but the only rule is that the game has to interest us enough to want to talk about it for half an hour and we are open to suggestions (post them below or on the Ready Up Facebook page).

This time we will be looking at Big Pharma, a strategy sim game on PC based on the pharmaceutical industry and released by Twice Circled. The game is available from their website, Steam, Humble Bundle or Gog and is about £16.99. In the video you can see me attempting to cure TB. Apologies for the slightly low video quality – I’m still figuring out OBS! Here’s a link to our interview with Tim Wicksteed mentioned in the video. Tell us what you thought in the comments.

Next time we’ll be looking at Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (or Everybody’s Gone to that there Rapture as you prefer) on PS4 by The Chinese Room, so why not play along at home.