The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 9 – “Ben There, Done That!”

Tony and the ever dry and droll Simon are back and joined this time by Ben Edwards, a gaming buddy collected along the way.

Multiplayer gets a massive airing in this episode as the guys are very used to playing together. We learn though that there are still the idiots online who seem to be hell bent on spoiling things for the new folks.


  • Has modern communications undermined the old-style gamers’ forums and communities?
  • MOBAs, competition drives aggro?
  • Online achievements / trophies – generally, no thanks!
  • Simon has been immersed in Resident Evil, the remaster of the remaster. A 20 year old game which is now much more scary!
  • Vanquish also got a mobile airing while Simon was away from home and enjoyed ‘slide mode’
  • Ben has delved into the Binding of Isaac and likes the weirdness. Tony just didn’t get it.
  • Ben also got back into World of Warcraft and is enjoying the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Shame about all of the ‘free’ level 90s!
  • Tony got Hohokum and enjoys controlling rainbow, disco sperm! (His words!)
  • Simon and his girlfriend also enjoyed the Game of Thrones Living Card Game while they were away.


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” continues… will it claim another victim? Probably.

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