The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 8 – “Ready Up Game Awards 2014”

As 2014 is now well and truly done, we thought it’d be a good time to get the opinions of the team together once again and deliver:

The Ready Up Game Awards for 2014

Tony and Simon are joined by Susan to discuss the nominations and the winners in the categories of:

  1. Best Story – always one to provoke a broad range of opinions
  2. Best Graphics – Do you go for photo-realism or quirky art styles?
  3. Best Multi-player – If you like to play with others, which is the best game?
  4. Biggest Letdown – The golden raspberry of the Ready Up Awards
  5. Biggest Surprise – What crept up behind the team and went “BOO!”
  6. Best Portable Game – Gaming on the go just keeps rolling on and there are some great games out there
  7. Most Anticipated Game – Things can only get better… right? What are the team looking forward to in the year ahead?
  8. Best Game – The Grand Prize, the Big One, the Champ.


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” rumbles inexorably forward, will a new winner emerge?

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