E3 Ubisoft Conference Reactions

Ready-Up’s reactions to the Ubisoft conference via Slack! Well, reactions from myself and Scott

Gemma: Ooh pretty mountains and A MONKEY! It’s got monkeys, OMG IT’S FAR CRY 4!
Scott: Far Cry 4, then? MONKEY, NOOOOOO
So, continuing the Far Cry 3 tradition of COMPLETELY INSANE ANTAGONIST
Gemma: I was like OMG butch lesbian getting off the heli. Oh shit wait…
‘He got blood on his fucking shoes’
Yep batshit crazy antagonist. He’s also British, why are all the bad guys British? Is this a go to villain accent?
How can we make our villain more plausible? WE’LL MAKE HIM BRITISH!
Scott: “Is this your +1? Strong-silent type, I like it!”
Ubisoft, just swearing at everyone
Gemma: I love it 🙂
Scott: Aisha Tyler is, er, back.
Well, good for more female representation!
Gemma: 420 in this bitch LOL

Scott: Internet reactions: “why do they keep inviting her back” “I dunno. She was on Friends?”
Poor Aisha Tyler.
I think she’s awesome

Britney Legend GIF

Scott: Oh, I have no problem with her. Or any host! Rock on, I guess! XD But she got a bad rep from last year.
Gemma: I didn’t think she was bad last year either
Internet be crazy
Ubisoft conference already ten times better than the ea one
Scott: Well, I guess I’d take dancing over sports! It’d be nice to see some games, though.
Gemma: Cue the dancing
Seriously masses of people are going to sue Ubi for them breaking their phones when busting some mad dance moves.


Scott: We already had a ten minute demo of The Division at Microsoft, but sure.
Well, this is depressing. Lovely.
I think they might be pushing the “we’re all sad about dying children” angle a bit.
Gemma: I’m extremely depressed now


Gemma: looks really well done graphics wise
Scott: Assuming it’s real-time.
Gemma: True
Oh they had me right up until now. Yey cars and driving…


Scott: “WHERE WILL YOUR CREW GO” Apparently, L.A.
Gemma: Lol
“I’m a hugger”
Scott: Does Aisha Tyler really need to wear high-heels? Isn’t she already like 7 feet tall?
Gemma: Gots to show off the assets
Dem legs
Scott: Did she just make fun of his accent? XD;
Gemma: Beeeta. It is super cute 🙂
Knew they would show AC
Scott: Ah, Assassin’s Creed.
Gemma: No number in the title this time then?
Scott: Nah, they were low on funds, so they’ve moved to the Unity engine. *joking*
I think everyone was starting to lose track, honestly. XD
There were… three side games, if you include portable releases?
Even if it’s running on PC, they could be using a 360 or One controller at this point (especially with the new drivers). So we have no idea which version is on show most of the time.
Gemma: Holy crap that movement looked amazing
Ooh sweeping motion
Ahhh that was great reaction to seeing the character
Scott: I know the general consensus is that AC2 or 4 is best (well, probably some debate there), but AC1 has Splinter from 1987 TMNT as Altair’s mentor, so…
Gemma: A fitness game. Hmm I think I might be good thanks


Gemma: Ok I was skeptical but this looks fun
Scott: John Drake, of Harmonix: “Hm. This looks a lot like things that are copyrighted by other companies.”
Well, I always approve of Survivor songs.
Gemma: It’s like a mix of guitar hero and sports active
Scott: Yes, push-up and LIFT THAT ARCADE MACHINE!
Gemma: Lift that giant donut!
Scott: It’s like a French Takeshi’s Castle.
Gemma: Ooooohhh. What is this?
I’m fascinated by stuff about the world wars so this looks so cool
There’s gotta be at least one dog themed thing in a game at E3 now. It’s kinda tradition!
Scott: Well, this conference has certainly been a little bi-polar in tone!
If this just turns into Jurassic Bark: World War I, I am DONE
Gemma: WELL I’m depressed again
Scott: Jeez, Ubisoft.
“We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve learned some stuff.”
Well, she’s not wrong.
Gemma: She ain’t wrong


Scott: I was hoping their CEO was just Rayman.
Gemma: He should be wearing white gloves
Scott: Will it FINALLY be Beyond Good and Evil 2- oh, nope.
More Tom Clancy, I guess.
The layout of that house reminds me of The Simpsons household.
It’s NIGHT TRAP, reborn!
Gemma: I’m so intrigued
Scott: *obscure Sega CD reference*
“Macaulay Culkin has moved on to some better traps. I see” Heh
Gemma: Basically just destroying the shit outta that woman’s house
Scott: “Kevin! What did you do to my room!?” “You don’t understand! Joe Pesci was here!”
Gemma: How are these guys playing being so polite? If it was me I’d be like OMG HOW DID YOU LOSE THE HOSTAGE YOU FUCKING IDIOT?
Tom Clancy
You called it
Scott: Oh yeah, it was totally a Rainbow Six game the second we had portable cameras.
Used to be a pretty heavy mechanic in the old PC games.


Gemma: Bless her she’s such an awesome host.


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