The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 23 – “Twitch To Who?”

Tony and Simon are joined by Jon (@jonfaec) Brady whose greatest gaming achievement was to roll his Katamari ball into a tiny cow… erm


  • Simon shares his ant issues – not gaming, but hey-ho!
  • Katamari is discussed as a metaphor for the perfect life. (Really?)
  • Jon tells us about the game which isn’t a game, “The Stanley Parable”. The Narrator is a big hit!
  • Simon has been getting into Diablo 3 and LOVED getting his Legendary item during the “Week of Chance”
  • Tony got Wolfenstein: New Order (got embarrassed too heh!) and was drawn to comparison with Resistance: Fall of Man in terms of colour palette and ‘feel’. He also wonders about the 5GB patch he had to download…
  • Jon’s also been LOVING Titan Attacks, the glowing love letter to old arcade games from Puppy Games

[youtube width=”100″ height=”75″][/youtube]

  • He’s also been Sticking It to The Man principally because he likes the theme tune, but found the gameplay a bit frustrating and ended up just sticking things everywhere to see what happened
  • Jon spent some time with Octodad, not a ‘great’ game but one which carries you through with amusement
  • Kinect is now an option and Tony is LIVID that his investment has not only been wasted, but that some of the core sharing functionality of the Xbox One has been compromised too.
  • Google poised to buy Twitch for $1Bn (cue Dr. Evil impression) cause for concern?


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” continues, it’s all getting very tense in the studio…

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