The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 19 – “Chequer Mate!”

Tony and Simon got the band back together and rock the podcast with special guest vocalist Dan Chequer! Now then, Dan’s a real life proper game developer and we’ve got him on because Tony and Simon BOTH played his game – wicked no!


  • Simon suggests that Dark Souls 2 is actually worth playing now the most frustration elements of the first have been offset.
  • Tony got Titanfall (he had to justify the Xbox One purchase at least a little bit) but got a bit bored!
  • Dan tells us all about the genesis of Squadron Scramble and how cool it is to have people like what you do!
  • Dan also shares his current game playing – Luftrausers and the alpha of Elite: Dangerous – which we’re ALL interested in!
  • Tony got inFAMOUS: Second Son and is very much enjoying it! If you liked inFamous 2 you’ll like this one as well. Cool visuals!
  • Simon is wringing as much as possible out of MGSV: Ground Zeroes in the hope that he hasn’t wasted £20


Simon’s game-with-no-name is back (cheers) and is this week entitled “The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz”.

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Ready Up Podcast theme music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.


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