Incoming – January Plus 2014

Welcome back to our feature where we aim to outline the new releases that that our readers might be interested in.

As we enter a new year, I think I can safely say that the holiday rush is finally over. But while mainstream console releases are scarce, there’s a lot happening on the digital front.

Ardent Kickstarter followers will be pleased to learn that The Banner Saga, one of the strongest victors to emerge from the Great Crowd-Sourcing Boom of 2012™, will be with us next week (the 14th), boasting an engrossing story, deep tactical combat and frankly gorgeous 2D artwork. PC gamers who favour something a little more action-orientated can pick up a port of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, out now.

The Year of Luigi never ends, as Nintendo is extending the celebrations into 2014 with the release of Dr. Luigi on 15th January, a remixed port of classic puzzler Dr. Mario which features new multiplayer modes and rule sets. 3DS owners looking for other multiplayer experiences are invited to join the party in Mario Party: Island Tour on 17th January.

Retail releases might be quiet this month, but by contrast (hah?), PlayStation Plus is abuzz with activity across both European and North American subscriptions, no doubt bolstered by a new platform bringing new subscribers. If you were lucky enough to pick up a PlayStation 4 over the holidays, you can enjoy survival-horror title Don’t Starve, which is much like a never-ending first night in Minecraft, except you’re instead surrounded by Lovecraft-inspired flora and fauna. Lovely.

If that sounds a little too grim, EU subscribers can also take part in some vault-hunting in the addictive loot-fest that is Borderlands 2, or alternatively indulge in last year’s excellent (and energetic) Devil May Cry reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry.

And while it could be argued that EU subscribers had the overall edge in last year’s Plus offerings, NA is fighting back this January; BioShock Infinite and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, two critically-lauded titles which ended up on plenty of 2013 GOTY lists, will also join DmC: Devil May Cry on the service later in January.

New Releases (UK)

Date Game Platforms
Out Now Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle PC
Cooking Mama 4 Nintendo 3DS
Kingdom Rush PC
King Oddball PlayStation Vita
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox One
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC
14th January AeternoBlade Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
The Banner Saga PC
15th January Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD PC, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Dr. Luigi Nintendo Wii U (eShop)
16th January SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past PC
17th January Mario Party: Island Tour Nintendo 3DS
Rambo: The Video Game PC, PlayStation & Xbox 360
24th January Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Son Goku Edition) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Valkyrie Svia PC
29th January Rekoil: Liberator PC, Xbox 360
31st January Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Standard) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Upcoming “Instant Games” PS+ Changes (EU)

Availability Game Platforms
Arrived End of December Borderlands 2 PlayStation 3
DmC: Devil May Cry PlayStation 3
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend PlayStation Vita
Soul Sacrifice PlayStation Vita
Arrived 8th January Don’t Starve PlayStation 4
Left End of December Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen PlayStation 3
GRID 2 PlayStation 3
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed PlayStation Vita
Left 8th January Contrast PlayStation 4

Current EU Instant Games Collection

Upcoming “Instant Games” PS+ Changes (NA)

Availability Game Platforms
Arrived January Don’t Starve PlayStation 4
DmC: Devil May Cry PlayStation 3
Urban Trial Freestyle PlayStation Vita
Available in January BioShock Infinite PlayStation 3
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PlayStation 3
Smart As… PlayStation Vita
Worms: Battle Island PlayStation Vita
Leaving 14th January Contrast PlayStation 4
GRID 2 PlayStation 3

Current NA Instant Games Collection


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