Stumped – Puzzlin’ Like It’s 1999

Hello my puzzle loving luminaries. Hope you’re having a fantabulous Christmas and are gearing up for 2014. It’s time for another mind-challenging slice of puzzle goodness to keep those synapses firing. So without further ado, let’s get this kicked off shall we?!


A take on the classic Minesweep, Circlesweep challenges you to fill in the blank squares with coloured circles. Of course, as with most of the puzzle games I review it’s not that straightforward, cuz hey where would be the fun in that? As to what coloured circles you can fill the squares with and also how many you can use is where the tricky part lies. You do get a hint box with four numbers in four different colours. By following the box it tells you which colour circle to use and how many to place. You also get a tutorial of how to read the grid. What makes Circlesweep difficult is when you have more squares to fill and there are more than one grid of hints you have to obey, this is where Circlesweep kinda loses me. With my gaming ego sufficiently bruised I normally would just delete the game off my phone and pretend it never existed. However it is not very gamer-nice to do that so what I would say is to those who fancy challenge and were (and are) fans of Minesweep, try Circlesweep.


Dr Newton: The Great Brain Adventure

Dr Newton takes you on an adventure in her travelling blimp academy, picking up kinds (yeah I thought that was dodgy too) solving various types of puzzles. There are four puzzle types you play through: memory, visual, logic and math. With each puzzle you are given an objective to complete, be it completing a level in a certain amount of time or getting a particular score, which if you’re successful you progress to the next. Should you fall short of the objective you then lose out on one of the five lives you have. The lives replenish themselves after a certain time, but should you become impatient you can always connect your game to Facebook and beg for lives. As you play you collect Air miles. These little beauties can be spent on power-ups. After about five or so levels, you get to play through a group of puzzles called Brainjam. These test you through all the puzzles you would of played within each ‘world’. What I thought was kinda cool is that at the end of each completion of a puzzle you can get brain stats telling you where your score places you against the rest of the world. Ooo also when you’ve reach level 11, you get to take part in a weekly tournament where you can play on either the good or evil side. Why you choose sides wasn’t explained, but I always choose good, just in case you wondered.


What’s The App

Most of us have a smart phone and have filled it up with weird and wonderful apps and of course with the puzzle games I review. With great apps, comes great responsibility. No I kid, with each app you get a nice little logo right?! So the aim of What’s The App is to test your knowledge of what each logo is. To make it a little harder the image is blurred. With each turn you get three passes should you struggle to guess what the app is. Only downside with the passes, it seems that once they’re done… that’s it. This is a huge flaw with the game and kinda makes it pointless to play. I mean you can buy extra turns or connect your game to Facebook and get another turn but if you’re not up for that, then playing What’s The App would be a waste of time.


And there you have it. Three very different puzzle games all with different difficulties which I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing. So until next time my puzzle lovers, keep on puzzlin’!







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