Money glitch found in Gran Turismo 6

Grumbling voices have expressed concern and anger about the infiltration of micro-transactions into a number of next-gen games, with Gran Turismo 6 being on of the culprits.

It may make a good number of gamers happy to know, then, that a glitch has been discovered in Gran Turismo 6 that lets players earn in-game cash very quickly. OPM reports.

To perform the glitch and fill up your bank account you should purchase a Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo while playing with the 1.01 update. From there you’ll close the game, delete the update, relaunch the game and sell the car on without downloading the update again.

There’s always a smug kind of “that’s what you get” attitude when a full retail game that supports micro-transactions is found to have a glitch that lets you take advantage of the system, with many frustrated players seeing this as just deserts for greedy publishers.

We’re not one to encourage gaming the system but if you’re going to take advantage of this then you’re probably best to make it sharpish.







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