Ah Muzen Cab is looking pretty sweet in Smite

The latest deity to come to Smite is Ah Muzen Cab, the Mayan god of bees. He’s a physical damage-based hunter and he sounds like he’s going to make your life miserable.

You’ve probably guessed that Ah Muzen Cab’s play style includes a lot of swarming bees and you’d be right. His passive actually called “Bees!” Applying Bees! to enemies does damage over time that scales in your physical power and reveals them on the minimap for as long as they carry the status effect. Bees! can spread from one enemy to another.

He’s can buff himself too, by dropping a Hive at a target location that beefs up his movement and attack speeds while healing his wounds. The bads can rob you of your buffs by destroying your hives with basic attacks.

The Bee god may not take too kindly to you destroying the dwellings of his precious bee followers and could retaliate by summoning a giant swarm of bees to attack you, applying Bees! and damage to any enemies in the target area. A quick application of Honey to the ground beneath you to slow you down even more and apply Bees! to you before giving chase and finish you off with his ultimate, Stinger.

More in-depth information on the workings and history of Ah Muzen Cab in the official god reveal video below.


This patch also brings a visual overhaul for the Assault gametype (ARAM for the MOBA initiated) and voice packs for Al Muzen Cab, Bakasura and Hades.







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