Personnel Files – Duncan

Personnel Files

Duncan Aird – News Editor

Name: Duncan Aird

Age: 25

Current Location: London town.

First Gaming Memory: Playing ‘Super Mario World’ on an airplane. I didn’t even know it was anything more than a time killer to keep kids from crying. For the following five or so years I was convinced that the game was made specifically for airplanes, and only available on Virgin flights.

Longest Gaming Session: My second year of University. One of my housemates at the time had never played Command & Conquer, but had always wanted to. So we both set ourselves up in a spare room and lanned it up for nearly 30 solid hours. This was back when Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars reined, before Command & Conquer 4 ever dared show its face. One of my favourite memories from University.

Favourite Gaming Merchandise

Meet Jim Raynor – the lead protagonist from Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. There was a lot of merchandise to choose from, but I think Jim standing proudly overseeing my bedroom is my favourite.

Least Favourite Genre: JRPG. It’s not that I think it’s a terrible genre, I know for a fact it’s a genre that is very beloved here on Ready Up, but… I don’t understand the appeal at all. The writing, the settings, the characters, the gameplay – none of it suits me.

Favourite Gaming Snack: Were I forced to choose from the glutinous array of gaming snacks I consume… Chili Heatwave Doritos. They’re not easily consumed during the gaming session itself, or good for keeping the controller clean, but they’re bloody delicious. 10/10. Would stuff in face mercilessly again.

Reaction to Dying In-Game: Not my fault. That was cheap. Screw that. I pressed jump, dammit! Oh for the love of. No. No no. No no no. Piece of crap controller. These controls are awful. How the Hell was I supposed to dodge that? Who thought this was a good idea? ARGH! This list could go on for a long time… GG.


Favourite Game Character: Clyde – the orange ghost from PAC-Man. If that counts as an actual ‘character’. Otherwise I’d opt for Dog from Half-Life 2. Should neither of those count somehow, then Spyro The Dragon. The original Spyro from the PlayStation One trilogy.

Most Hated Game Character: Kenny. Kenny, from The Walking Dead [spoilers ahead]. Listen up, Kenny. I did everything I possibly could to make sure you and your useless ass stayed alive. Yes, about two years ago I chose to save the man your son ran over with a tractor who was in peril instead of your son who was busy kicking it, on said tractor, in no real danger at all. Get over it! And I hate that hat.

Every major gaming console from the last three decades sit proudly in my gaming den. I’m also quite proud of my PC setup. Sometimes I find it astounding that I go outside at all.

Favourite Game EVER: PAC-Man. Never ending joy from the very beginning of childhood all the way to this day. My teenage years were filled with Spyro The Dragon, and my university years were plagued with Command & Conquer games, but PAC-Man has never left my side – and it never will.







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