Cute Chronicles – Shiny Things

Su-per cute and sparkly jewellery time!

Last time I talked about video game fashion and how you can incorporate your love of videogames into your everyday wardrobe. This time, I’d like to point out accessories but more specifically, videogame jewellery and the shiny things that are out there.

Lots of ‘geeky’ stores will have sections dedicated to accessories, take Jinx’s small collection, for example but as usual, it’s not the only way to feed what can become a growing addiction.

If you don’t just want to browse eBay, what about looking for original pieces on Etsy? Throw in the name of one of your beloved games, narrow the options down to jewellery and have a look at what’s on offer. Some of my favourites are these Nintendo-inspired necklaces (cute, chunky, colourful), the multi-Nuka-Cola-cap necklace (you’re rich!) and this Animal Crossing jewellery set (new leaves!).

For those who have impending nuptials and/or a ridiculous amount of cash, you can seal your love of the Legend of Zelda series by getting this amazing wedding ring set. The Legend of Zelda is a series that frequently seems to inspire wedding jewellery thanks to the distinctive crest. There isn’t a price listed on the website for this set and the images are renderings of a potential design rather than one that’s immediately available. Most of the items on the site are by request only. That, coupled with the list of materials which includes diamonds, white gold and yellow gold should give you an indication as to how eye-wateringly pricey it is. Ooh, shiny.

My favourite option for videogame jewellery is another one that combines choice and community creativity.

Shapeways is a 3D printing marketplace and community. People upload their designs and then you can browse and order those designs in the material you wish. I love it when people get creative and share that creativity – it’s really inspiring to see 3D models that can easily be turned into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Shapeways basically means that as a fan of rings and pendants, I’m pretty screwed because there are plenty of lovely items available in polished metal or shiny plastic finishes. The best part is that once you get these pieces, you can customise them further with painting and glazes if you’re feeling super creative.

Prices vary according to what you’re ordering, so something printed in metal will run you a little more than something in plastic. If you’re feeling up to it and have faith in your 3D design skills, you can always create a design of your own and share it with everyone else. There are Minecraft grass earrings and a pretty cool Angry Birds Space necklace. For now though, I have my eye on the Mass Effect Omni-tool ring. Who cares if I’m running out of fingers? I’ll just grow some more.







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