Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason free on Xbox One at launch

Microsoft has announced that Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, a “free trial experience” of Kinect Sports Rivals, will be available to download for free on Xbox One when the console launches on 22nd November in Europe, North America and Australia.

Preseason will include wake race, one of the full game’s six activities as well as exclusive in-game rewards. Users who download Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason between 22nd and 30th November 2013 will unlock the Founder player title, an exclusive wet suit and wake racer. Although only one level will be available to players in the free demo, a series of monthly challenges will allow users to unlock bonus content in the full retail release of Kinect Sports Rivals when it becomes available next year.

Microsoft has even released a announcement trailer to share the news, see it below.







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