ARMA 3’s First Campaign, “Survive”, Arrives Halloween

After a six-month period of Early Access beta testing on Steam, ARMA 3 was finally released on 12th September to mostly-positive reviews.

While the game shipped with a number of (surprisingly-difficult) “showcase missions”, as well as an easily-modded multiplayer mode, an actual campaign was absent in lieu of a free DLC update, promised as “coming soon” by the developers.

The first episode of the campaign, “Survive”, will focus on the plight of Ben Kerry, a soldier stationed in the Republic of Altis & Stratis as part of a NATO peacekeeping mission. As US troops are being withdrawn, rival PMCs and factions are filling the gap, leading to a new phase in the war.

The game’s extensive mission editor – which in previous release ARMA II infamously led to the creation of zombie mod “DayZ” – will also be updated through the new campaign, adding new weapons, scripting modules, 3D models and animations, with more to come in future episodes. The next two episodes are currently code-named “Adapt” and “Win”.

Developers Bohemia Interactive also released a new set of screenshots to coincide with the announcement, embedded below.


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